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IFC Statement Supporting Egyptian Protestors Fight for Freedom & Equality

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  • Dan Clore
    News & Views for Anarchists & Activists: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/smygo http://www.ifcongress.com/English/News/2011/0111/ifc-egypt.htm Long Live The
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      News & Views for Anarchists & Activists:

      Long Live The Masses Of Egypt For their Fight for Freedom And Equality

      For over a week now, the Egyptian regime is teetering under the blows of
      the mass uprising of Egyptian people. The regime that is immersed in
      antiseptic corruption and looting of the wealth of Egyptian people, a
      regime that is considered one of the long-time reactionary castles in
      the region, a regime that has been supported, unconditionally by the
      United States of America, Israel and the West, and imposed the rules of
      the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank via repression,
      arrests, executions, assassinations and Marshal laws.

      A regime that caused impoverishment of Egyptians where 2 million
      children are homeless, one third of its population is under the poverty
      line and more than a quarter of a million people living in cemeteries
      let alone millions live in the garbage dumping areas.

      A regime that has turned Egypt into an advocate and harbor for exporting
      US reactionary polices to the region starting from the New world order,
      Pan-Middle Eastern and the occupation of Iraq.

      The U.S. administration is terrified of what this change might carry,
      while watching the autocratic regimes that brought poverty, misery,
      falling like dominoes. The U.S. administration, Israel and the West are
      trying to save what can be saved from the Egyptian regime in order to
      preserve their interests and influence in the region. Therefore, they
      try to portray the great Egyptian uprising as an Islamic one that is
      going to pose a threat to the security of Israel and the region in an
      attempt to deform this uprising which is in fact a revolt of
      impoverished and hungry people, an uprising for freedom and equality.
      The US administration in such attempt aims to justify maintaining their
      protection of the Egyptian regime that is going to be uprooted by the
      Egyptians once and for all.

      What is happening in Egypt and the chain protests across the region such
      as Jordan, Yemen, Sudan and Algeria are a continuation of the fire the
      has sparked in Tunisia against all forms of poverty, injustice,
      suppression of freedoms, it marks a new stage that will change the
      region and the world.

      Iraq Freedom Congress considers the Egyptian uprising as well as the
      Tunisian one as a gain for its fight against the occupation that brought
      thugs to Iraq. IFC also sees that the victory of Egyptians and Tunisians
      as victories for all revolutionary and freedom loving forces in Iraq and
      the region. And it announces its support and backing of the
      revolutionary movement in Egypt.

      All the glory to those who died for freedom in Egypt

      Long Lived Tahrir Square, the symbol of freedom

      Long live the freedom loving people in Egypt

      Iraq Freedom Congress


      Dan Clore

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