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No Glen...there is no perfect storm!

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  • Steve M
    Saturday, November 20, 2010 Paranoid Righties Hiding In a Bomb Shelter I was more bored than a Libertarian watching the Fox Business channel. I ve figured out
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      Saturday, November 20, 2010
      Paranoid Righties Hiding In a Bomb Shelter

      I was more bored than a Libertarian watching the Fox Business
      channel. I've figured out why Caucasians' skin is so white:
      they are in a perpetual state of fear. Why do you think there are so
      many horror movies? White people love fear. It's a fetish, if you
      will. Why do you think that Hellion, Glenn Beck, is so successful? He
      feeds the fear day--after day! If Beck was back in 16th Century Salem,
      he would be what was known as a "General witch hunter."
      He'd be in the village square, on a soapbox, yelling about how
      witchcraft was ruining the colony! Fear has been propagated beginning
      with witches, to Jews, then to communists, and currently all the way to
      Gays and Muslims!

      Well, the enterprising segment of the white race thought
      that fear could be very profitable. They made a mountain of money from
      the "Red Scare." By the 1950s, the Soviet Union was falling
      apart. But, guess who built them back up? That's right: the U.S.
      Right wing! While listening to them, you would think that Russia was
      some monstrous juggernaught! But truth be known, The USSR was just
      another third world toilet! Night after night, the media would show the
      same stock footage of May Day parades in Moscow, with missiles on wheels
      and red army soldiers goose-stepping in front of Soviet Generals as they
      saluted! This put the fear of God into White middle class America. Not
      only did the defense industry prosper, but the construction business
      boomed! Building tract homes? Yeah…the honest ones did; but the
      exploitative contractors built underground bomb shelters! The idea
      behind them was that, when the USA got engaged in a nuclear shoot-out
      with Russia, the citizenry could survive in their own underground bomb
      shelter for 10 years, until the radiation from nuclear fallout subsided.
      One would have to live on dehydrated food and retain a giant vat of
      water. Many of these cold war relics still exist in people's back

      Well, now the fear profiteers are back! Glenn Beck is
      selling survivalist food on his cable T.V. show! The whole Right wing
      survivalist fad is returning. It's the same crap we heard back in
      the 50's and the 90's! The New World Order, the collapse of the
      American dollar, homosexuals having sex in the streets, communist Jews
      confiscating your guns, lesbian Muslims giving abortions to your
      daughter (although she's not pregnant) and Catholics making you go
      to confession (even though you're a Protestant). The whole shit
      house is coming down! So go stock up on guns and ammo, food, and
      surveillance equipment. Have we seen this movie before? Is this the Red
      Scare, Part 2??

      We've got Glenn Beck telling us to be prepared. "A
      Boy Scout is always prepared," he taunts. You should always have a
      first aid kit, even if society isn't breaking down. When I think of
      Glenn Beck, I think of the story about the old man with the long white
      hair and beard, who held the sign that read, "The end of the world
      is near!" For years he stood on the same street corner, holding that
      sign. Then one day in 1952, a speeding hotrod turned the corner where
      he stood, jumped the curb, and killed the old man. Well, he was
      right—the world did come to an end—for him.

      That exemplifies the super-ego. The Super Egotist believes
      that the entire world feels the way he does. He wants to bring the
      whole world to his paranoiac level. He thinks everyone should feel as
      scared as he does. Glenn Beck thinks of himself as some type of Paul
      Revere, but we all know he is a village idiot. A rich village idiot!

      God Bless America!

      Here is a nice ballad


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