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Reclaim The Streets (Letters to Editor)

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  • Clore Daniel C
    News for Anarchists & Activists: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/smygo Editorials & Opinion : Friday, August 31, 2001 Letters to the editor, Seattle Times
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      News for Anarchists & Activists:

      Editorials & Opinion : Friday, August 31, 2001

      Letters to the editor, Seattle Times

      'Reclaim the streets'

      Protest vs. Mardi Gras: Just walking around brought citizens

      Editor, The Times:

      It seems interesting that while the media is busy decrying
      the bullies in our schools and fretting over the safety of
      our children in the classroom, ordinary citizens apparently
      can have no expectation of the same on the streets ("Cops
      get it right," Times editorial, Aug. 28).

      The Reclaim the Streets party this past weekend is yet
      another indication of how few of our civil rights are
      protected anymore.

      Echoing both WTO protests, people simply walking on the
      sidewalks of their own city were made to suffer assaults and
      debilitating chemical attacks, as well as the taunts of
      police officers who view this whole thing with an
      us-vs.-them, military attitude. It's funny how the cops only
      beat and gas citizens when so-called radical politics are
      the motivation for the gathering. The police must want to
      maintain the status quo, or something. When the party was
      simply about booze and revelry (Mardi Gras), violent
      criminals were allowed to roam freely in the streets.

      It's also peculiar how the local media has simply repeated
      the statements issued by the mayor's office and the police
      department, without bothering to interview any of the
      political dissidents. What lesson can we take from all of
      this about the future of our American freedoms? I'll leave
      that as an open question.

      — Nathan Morse, Seattle

      Whine-worthy goal

      Alex Morgan asserts that Seattle police officers deprived
      the "Reclaim the Streets" demonstrators of their
      constitutional right of peaceable assembly ("Rights left at
      the curb," Northwest Voices, Aug. 28). He is wrong.

      Once again, a rabble of hypocrites impeded pedestrians and
      vehicular traffic, damaged property and assaulted police
      officers. Their sole objective was provoking a response they
      could whine about afterward.

      This inane "Reclaim the Streets" movement is reportedly in
      protest of commuters and consumers. Well, anyone who travels
      semi-regularly from one place to another (to and from work,
      for example) is a commuter, and anyone who eats food, wears
      clothes or buys anything is a consumer. Apparently these
      protesters don't work for a living (what a surprise), were
      born fully clothed, and absorb nutrients from the air.

      I am confident that most law-abiding citizens are sick and
      tired of the litany of "violated rights" issuing from
      sanctimonious hypocrites whose zealotry and lawlessness
      destroy the credibility of peaceful, responsible activists.

      — Walter Smith, Seattle

      Dan Clore

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