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Re: [smygo] Join the Green Tea Party movement!

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  • Dan Clore
    ... I like this idea. In fact, as Arch-Anarch of the Soylent Green Party, I m considering changing the party s name to the Soylent Green Tea Party. I think the
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      Steve M wrote:

      > The right wing has been stealing ideas from the left for decades now.
      > Now is the time to rip them off!
      > :: Saturday, February 06, 2010
      > Turn off, tune out, and drop dead! Green tea anybody?
      > I live in a nation where a minority of denizens is deceived by their
      > own collective egos. Intuitive feelings predominate objective
      > reality. Ok.... fuck me! What else is new? The media has card sharks
      > for programmers and snake oil advertisers. Glenn Beck gets more
      > publicity than the Sex Pistols did in 1977. Why is that? His
      > publicist sits on his swivel leather chair in some big city high rise
      > and creates a list of potential incendiary remarks that will
      > reverberate in the mainstream media echo chamber, or maybe Glenn
      > extemporaneously spews out moronic platitudes due to a chemical
      > imbalance in his puny brain. The folks on MSNBC love to regale the
      > viewers with audio sound bites or video clips on what is the latest
      > insensitive remark that Hannity, Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck said on
      > the public airways. Why should we care? Anybody with a high school
      > education knows that the right wing is idiots. Do we need more
      > convincing? Maybe this is the method that the corporate media employs
      > to get out the message. This method is Passive/Aggressive promotion
      > by masking it as exposure of shameful speech. However, the message
      > gets through! A large amount of people knows what Glenn has said! How
      > many times are we going to video clip of Tea Baggers holding signs
      > that read: Barack Obama is a Socialist? They show that over and over
      > again! That lie becomes tattooed in your subconscious. Corporations,
      > " no matter if they are Conservative or Liberal" does not like to be
      > regulated or be taxed, so they switch the blame for social problems
      > to government. The so-called liberal news media loves to give airtime
      > to the fake right wing weed roots groups like the Tea-Baggers. It's
      > just political entertainment or Politainment if you will. I don't
      > what happened to the participants of the Battle Of Seattle 10 years
      > ago, but left wing activists are gone and have been replaced right
      > wing dooty heads. OK? Enter the Green Tea movement: An
      > anti-authoritarian leftist variation of the Tea Bag movement. We
      > could hold up signs that read: Glenn Beck is a failed capitalist!
      > Obama is a socialist like Glenn Beck is Jewish? So on and so on.

      I like this idea. In fact, as Arch-Anarch of the Soylent Green Party,
      I'm considering changing the party's name to the Soylent Green Tea Party.

      I think the Facebook group is a great idea. I would certainly join.

      Oh, and incidentally, the Tea Party idea was put forward by leftists
      before the rightists grabbed it. For example, in the song "Dawn of the
      Locusts", Jello Biafra called on his listeners to "join the new Boston
      Tea Party!" (I don't know whether the rightists actually took the idea
      from leftists, or came up with it on their own.)

      (I've lately been disturbed by the discover of the "active" button on my
      remote control. This shows what channels/shows are currently on the
      screens of the most DirecTV subscribers. Faux News frequently tops for
      national popularity (not so often for local popularity, here in the
      Pacific Northwest, thank Gawd). Creepy Neocons like Glenn Beck have an
      enormous audience. It's enough to make you feel like turning you TV to
      LINK -- which carries Democracy Now! and some other great shows -- and
      leaving it on 24 hours a day.)

      Dan Clore

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