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Timothy Leary, Cheech & Chong, Woodstock, Black Panthers on TV

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  • Mark S Bilk
    A five-episode program called Lords of the Revolution has been showing on the VH1 TV channel. I ve seen the Timothy Leary, Cheech & Chong, and Black
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 16, 2009
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      A five-episode program called "Lords of the Revolution" has been
      showing on the VH1 TV channel. I've seen the Timothy Leary,
      Cheech & Chong, and Black Panthers episodes and they are very
      good! (I haven't seen the others -- Andy Warhol and Muhammad Ali.)
      The world, especially the U.S., really needs psychedelics
      (particularly the very safe marijuana) and '60s-type music now,
      to help people wake up and oppose the oncoming tyranny. Please
      send this e-mail out to your lists.

      Here are the remaining broadcasts scheduled so far of the "Lords
      of the Revolution" series. Apparently they will be rebroadcast
      around August 23. Please record them to tape or DVD. There are
      also films about Woodstock. Check the channel numbers on your
      cable/dish/DSL TV system for VH1, VH1Classic, and the History
      channel. Also check the broadcast times of these programs on
      your system.

      Aug 16: VH1CL-473 1:00PM LordsOfTheRevolution--CheechAndChong
      Aug 16: VH1CL-473 2:00PM LordsOfTheRevolution--TimothyLeary
      Aug 16: VH1CL-473 3:00PM LordsOfTheRevolution--BlackPanthers
      Aug 23: VH1CL-473 11:00PM LordsOfTheRevolution--CheechAndChong

      Aug 16: VH1CL-473 8:00AM Woodstock
      Aug 16: VH1CL-473 8:00PM Woodstock
      Aug 17: HISTP-62 8:00PM Woodstock-NowAndThen
      Aug 18: HISTP-62 12:00AM Woodstock-NowAndThen
      Aug 20: VH1P-44 12:00AM Woodstock-NowAndThen
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