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Re: [smygo] `Let us rediscover Marx' -- Two t alks on Michael Lebowitz's `Beyond Capital: M arx’s Political Economy of the Working Clas s' | Links

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  • kO nOrderisk
    True, Marx was not a Marxist. First of all there was the philosophical question which occupated Hegel, Feuerbach and others. Marx found all the answers too
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2009
      True, Marx was not a Marxist. First of all there was the philosophical question which occupated Hegel, Feuerbach and others. Marx found all the answers too abstract and he really wanted philosophy to actually help mankind further and Marx solution was to get rid of classes, to get all classless so there would be no fights between classes anymore and therefore after a short fase of rule by the proletariat there would be no necessity anymore for politicians or the state, because they are there because of  classes which have to be represented by parlements etc.
      We all know what happened to socalled Communism based on Marxism in Russia and China, but personally i think still, because Marx founded his theories on Western industrialised Capitalism the best opportunity to make it all work were at the end of W.O.I in 1917/1918 when people in Germany and Western Europe in general where fed up and ready for revolution which actually occured in Germany. Even in Bayern, a traditionally conservatist land, there was for a short while the Soviet Republic of Bayern, unfortunatelly to be smashed by reactionists with also Hitler in their ranks.
      Still with the creditecrisis of today i hear a lot of politicians saying they want a fair economy, but if want everybody able to persuit their happiness equally capitalism will never be fair even not in soft capitalist countries like Sweden or the Netherlands which have a lot of social benefits, but it's better that mankind is to be able to help all by helping themselves which doing what they're good at than to restrict them and give them some benefits instead.
      With a more and more industrialised world with more and more people living on it with capital going West the have-nots are going West. Problems rise as solutions of politians fail and they're losing their reliability day by day the theories of Marx and others may helpfull to get real solutions in the (nearby) future.

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      Subject: [smygo] `Let us rediscover Marx' -- Two talks on Michael Lebowitz's `Beyond Capital: Marx’s Political Economy of the Working Class' | Links
      Date: Sunday, March 1, 2009, 3:58 AM

      By *Michael A. Lebowitz*

      Michael Lebowitz will be a featured guest at the /World at a Crossroads/
      conference, to be held in Sydney, Australia, on April 10-12, 2009,
      organised by the Democratic Socialist Perspective, Resistance and /Green
      Left Weekly/. Visit http://www.worldATACrossroads.org
      <http://www.worldatacrossroads.org/> for full agenda and to book your

      February 16, 2009 -- It is well known that when Karl Marx heard what
      people calling themselves Marxists were saying, he commented, ``all I
      know is that I am not a Marxist’’. It is not as well known, however,
      that Marx had little respect for disciples in general. A theory
      disintegrates, he said, when disciples try to ``explain away’’ problems
      in the theory -- when they engage in ``crass empiricism’’, use ``phrases
      in a scholastic way’’, and employ ``cunning argument’’ to support the
      theory. A theory disintegrates, he said, when the point of departure of
      the disciples is ``no longer reality’’ but the theory that the master

      Although Marx had in mind what had happened to the theories of Hegel and
      Ricardo at the hands of their disciples, the problem he detected applies
      to his own theory. /Marx has had too many disciples /-- too many people
      who simply repeat the theory, too many people who argue endlessly that
      it is correct in the form that Marx left it. These are people whose
      mantra is the ``two whatevers’’ -- whatever is in /Capital /is right,
      whatever is/ not /in /Capital /is wrong. With a dialectical perspective,
      however, we recognise that what is outside /Capital /is essential to
      understand what is inside it.

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