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Re: [smygo] Econ Crisis Will Not End US Hegemony (Chomsky Interview)

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  • Kevin Carson
    ... I think he s missing the point. It s not a matter of the relative economic setbacks of the U.S. compared to Europe and Asia. It s a matter of the
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 13, 2008
      On 10/11/08, Dan Clore <clore@...> wrote:

      > http://tinyurl.com/45j8zf
      > Chomsky: Econ crisis will not end US hegemony

      > Chomsky: Oh sure, and I don't agree with the conclusions about loss of
      > US hegemony. I mean, first of all this financial crisis is very likely
      > going to hit Europe even harder than the United States. Several European
      > countries have already declared official recession, which the US has not.

      I think he's missing the point. It's not a matter of the relative
      economic setbacks of the U.S. compared to Europe and Asia. It's a
      matter of the absolute constraints on American resources. Chomsky's
      right that the crisis is hitting everyone. It's affecting the
      resources of the state in every part of the world. Which means that
      it's making a model of global hegemony based on aircraft carrier
      groups less viable for anyone. But that's a bit like saying the law
      prohibits everyone from sleeping under bridges or stealing bread. The
      U.S. is the only country that currently pursues that model, so
      economic crises that constrain the ability of *any* country to do so
      will in practice affect the U.S. disproportionately. The good part is
      that the resource constraints will prevent any other would-be hegemon
      from taking America's place.

      Kevin Carson
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