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Weather Underground, Bad ass Terrorists? Nope

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  • Stephen Jay Morris
    Wednesday, October 08, 2008 You don t need a McCain to know the Weather! My, my I never thought I would be writing about Weather underground in the twenty
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 8, 2008
      Wednesday, October 08, 2008

      You don't need a McCain to know the Weather!

      My, my I never thought I would be writing about Weather
      underground in the twenty first century. Bill Ayers? How about
      Bernadine Dohrn? His wife! How about the rest of the crew? Mark Rudd,
      Jeff Jones, John Jacobs, Terry Robins, Kathy Bouldin (There was a made
      for TV movie about her) Linda Evans, Howie Machtinger and others. There
      were many members of the Weather Underground; Sara Palin may have shot a
      moose with one. I mean, they never talk about their past unless you pry
      it out of them.

      Now they are using Bill Ayers name to slander Obama because Bill let
      him use his living room to launch Obama's senatorial campaign. Obama
      does not know everybody's biography, to Obama, Bill was a nice
      middle age white guy. Members of the new left movement only know Bill
      Ayers. He was not Famous like Abby Hoffman. Hell, people barely remember
      Jerry Rubin. Now, let's talk about the Weather Underground.

      Weather Underground a terrorist group? Yeah, in their minds they
      were. They romanticized Communist guerilla groups in the 3rd world. They
      wanted to be the American version of Viet Cong. However, they just
      upper-middle class white kids that were playing red revolutionaries. If
      the truth to be toldÂ… they were more vandals than terrorists. When
      they bombed the U.S Capitol building after president Nixon bombed Laos
      in May of 1970, they placed the bomb in the men's room for tourist.
      There was not much damage with the exception of some sinks and toilets.
      Somebody made an anonymous phone call to the DC cops to warn people to
      vacate the building. Nobody was hurt. After the action, they released
      their famous communiqué to the media, which was just amateurish
      communist propaganda. This was the same group that busts Timothy Leary
      out of a MINIMUM-security prison in San Luis Obispo California. All they
      needed was a wire cutter and a security guard reading the sports page.

      Most of the left of that decade didn't like the Weather
      Underground; they called them a bunch of adventurous teenyboppers. The
      Weather Underground wanted to instigate a revolution in the USA. The
      only they instigated was laughter by other groups. Besides damaging
      property, other wise they were harmless. That is why most courts dropped
      the charges against them.

      Don't get me wrong, at the time; I was their cheerleader. They
      were my outlaws. I was 16 years old back then but now I have mature. By
      the late 70's, they realized that the USA was not in a revolutionary
      situation, so they surrendered to authorities and that was that. What
      drove them to these acts of vandalism? Leftist paranoia, at the time
      they thought that Nixon was going to bring a fascist state and they
      would be the underground resistance. Well the Nixon administration
      imploded and everybody went to the Disco.

      Where is a Weather Underground when we really need them?


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