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Thurston Howell the 3rd is now Tony Soprano

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  • Stephen Jay Morris
    Monday, September 29, 2008 Thurston Howell 3rd is now Tony Soprano Damn! The 3rd Depression is late again! And I was all prepared too! As the masses descend
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      Monday, September 29, 2008

      Thurston Howell 3rd is now Tony Soprano

      Damn! The 3rd Depression is late again! And I was all prepared too! As
      the masses descend into the morass of destitution I look at my
      bookshelf, I behold a book of Michael Bakunin (1814-1876) with his
      essays. I perused chapter-to-chapter and found this quote:

      Wealth is exclusive and everyday tends to become increasingly so, by
      becoming concentrated into the hands of ever smaller number of persons
      and by throwing the lower stratum of the middle class, the petty
      bourgeoisie, into the ranks of the proletariat. The development of this
      wealth is directly related to the growing poverty of the masses of
      workers. Hence it follows that the gulf separating the lucky and
      privileged minority from the million of workers who maintain this
      minority through their own labor is ever widening. Unquote. This comes
      from the 19th century. However some the passages can relate to now.

      U.S work force is being transform into a peasant class. The work
      force is now on foreign lands, which was conquered, or in the process of
      being conquered by U.S imperialism. Foreign workers are either slave
      labor or underpaid. Foreign workers will eventually organize and resist
      this exploitation, which is a natural occurrence as a tornado. Humans
      have an innate instinct to rebel against oppression. So what about U.S
      Americans? Will they act like Germans under Hitler? Just turn their
      backs and pretend nothing is wrong? Will they just march into homeless
      camps and fight among themselves? Or, will they be bedazzled by liberal
      reformism? Who knows? I know this much, non-white citizens will not be
      passive and will have hundreds of Warsaw ghettos riots. There will be
      food riots! You have to be a prophet to know this!

      The male wasp ruling class has no concept of revolution. Their
      isolation in gated community is a million miles from the dirty streets
      of cities and dilapidated small towns. As the poet Jim Morrison said in
      1968: They got the guns, we got the numbersÂ…Come on! Unquote. The
      U.S ruling is using multilateral tactics. One is, Manufactured consent
      as Noam Chomsky stated, Propaganda on the mass media. They spend
      billions of dollars in indoctrinate the masses. If they listen to their
      rich liberal cohorts, that money could be used for social programs. That
      will pacify the masses for a while. Because welfare is a life preserver
      not Heroin! But the right wing ruling class just doesn't get it!

      Other tactics are oldies but goodies, like making murder look like
      suicide. Faking death! Money laundering, torture and protection rackets
      like Iraq. Now what?


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