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Re: [sml-dev] Digest Number 258

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  • Sean McGrath
    I m game. Count me in. regards, Sean McGrath
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 28, 2001
      I'm game. Count me in.

      Sean McGrath

      >So, anyone game for co-proposing a Town Hall Meeting on something like "XML:
      >Finding the 80/20 Point" or "Does SGML now look simple by comparison" or
      >"XML Specifications: Best Guesses or Best Practice" ... or something???
      >Or perhaps even a more formal 1/2 Day Tutorial on "Common
      >XML/XSLT/DOM/Schema" or something like that, the idea being to describe the
      >80/20 point in the various specs in some detail. We could present the
      >Common XML stuff in some detail; I'd volunteer to coordinate something
      >similar for the DOM (and DOM-like) APIs; maybe someone who understands XSLT
      >could take a whack at finding an 80/20 point in that stuff ...
      >Unfortunately, the deadline for proposals is Friday. I'm just throwing out
      >ideas; is anyone interested in pursuing something like this?
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