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Re: [smf_addin] Quick way to download Open/High/Low/Close prices from Yahoo for 2000 stocks

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  • Randy Harmelink
    Are you sure that RCHGetYahooQuotes() returns after-market activity? I ve never seen that. But I don t specifically grab any EOD quotes either. I don t think
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 27, 2012
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      Are you sure that RCHGetYahooQuotes() returns after-market activity? I've never seen that. But I don't specifically grab any EOD quotes either.

      I don't think prices from RCHGetYahooHistory() include pre-market and after-market activity either.

      With RCHGetYahooQuotes(), 2000 stocks shouldn't take too long -- all the data can be gotten in 10 function invocations. I would think it would take 10-15 seconds at most.

      On Fri, Apr 27, 2012 at 1:02 PM, peter_sagg <boropeter@...> wrote:
      Randy, thank you very much for these wonderful add-ins of yours. I would like to find a quick way of downloading Open/High/Low/Close from Yahoo!Finance after the close for the day. Usually this data is only available after around 7:30pm under Historical results. One solution is to use RCHGetYahooQuotes at say 4:15pm when the majority of stocks already closed. However, in that instance Excel will be grabbing any after-market activity as well in the downloaded last price. I obviously don't want that to happen, since im purely interested in receiving the official closing price. Another option would be to use RCHGetYahooQuotes for Open/High/Low at 4:15 pm and retrieve official closing prices using your other add-in.

      Understanding that 2000 stocks is a lot of data, i intentionally used the word "quick" while asking you: in my understanding 20mins for this particular operation would be quick.

      Thank you :)

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