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7611Re: [smf_addin] Re: Morningstar STAR Rating

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  • Randy Harmelink
    Oct 7, 2009
      The login is only necessary if you want to access their premium fields such as "Fair Value Estimate".  However, you STILL need to create the IE cookie each day to access data from their website. 

      That's because the Morningstar website does special processing on your first visit to the website each day.  Because of this special processing, they do some URL redirection on that first visit.  Since the add-in just picks up the source code of a web page, it grabs the source code from that redirection page.  It also never runs the special processing (because it's just grabbing the source code) and never updates the site's cookie to indicate you HAVE already visited the website.  So, without creating that daily cookie first with the EXCEL Web Query process or with IE, the only web page you'd ever get from MorningStar with the add-in is their redirection page.

      Originally, I had automated a way around that redirection, but it wasn't reliable under different versions of IE because of changes MicroSoft has made to the IE object that VBA interfaces with.  It's one reason I use the XMLHTTP protocol instead of the IE object -- it's been MUCH more reliable over time.

      If you want to see the code for the redirection page, just do this in EXCEL before creating the IE cookie:


      You'll see a 223-byte web page with a META tag that would redirect you to this web page if you were running a browser:


      I have a similar issue with the investors.com website.  Lately, the first visit to the website each day does a redirection and pops up a full screen advertisement with a "Click to Continue" link.  But once the cookie is updated for the day, all the other pages come up directly.

      On Wed, Oct 7, 2009 at 12:52 PM, dye_colton <dye_colton@...> wrote:
      I have read all of the posts and replies about getting the Morningstar Star Ranking and I have a question.  You say that a person needs to be registered and logged in with Morningstar to get this data, but shouldn't I be able to get the information if it is on a pubic site that I can access without logging in?  For example I can get to http://quote.morningstar.com/stock/s.aspx?Symbol=ibm and see a three star rating without being logged in.  Shouldn't I be able to pull that into excel since I have access to it without being a subscriber to Morningstar?

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