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3:10 AM

Re: India stocks

I have no idea. I don't use Indian stock symbols. I would need some examples to look at. The server parameter no longer applies, but the parameter was left in
Randy Harmelink
2:10 AM

Re: Extract name from Reuters and Marketwatch

Easiest is just to pull it from the HTML tag. and strip out the information you don't want: =smfstrExtr(smfGetTagContent("
Randy Harmelink
2:06 AM

Extract name from Reuters and Marketwatch

Hi Randy Could you help me with the formula to extract Lyxor Etf Euromts Global from http://www.reuters.com/finance/stocks/overview?symbol=MTX.DE
1:49 AM

India stocks

Is rchgetyahooquotes(......) work for Indian stock symbols? I tried and also used "in" for server, but not getting any results.. Shankar
1:18 AM

Re: Problem with RCHGetTableCell-Template-Yahoo-Financial-Statements

Not sure what to tell you. I just tried EBIX in the workbook and it worked fine here. Maybe you (or Yahoo) had a temporary glitch in communications? You can
Randy Harmelink
10:10 PM

Re: Problem with RCHGetTableCell-Template-Yahoo-Financial-Statements

Randy - Thanks for the prompt response. Now that error is gone. However there are some tickers for which the spreadsheet does not populate (populates with all
8:27 PM

Re: Problem with RCHGetTableCell-Template-Yahoo-Financial-Statements

Thanks for the heads up. They changed the labels on those three line items on their web page. I updated the formulas and uploaded the updated workbook to the
Randy Harmelink
May 22

New file uploaded to smf_addin

Hello, This email message is a notification to let you know that a file has been uploaded to the Files area of the smf_addin group. File : /Templates
May 22

Problem with RCHGetTableCell-Template-Yahoo-Financial-Statements

When I put in a ticker for the above template, I get Error in the following rows. I have the latest smf add in installed and use Excel 2013 Income statement ->
May 22

Re: Error trying to pull Dividend yield from dividata.com

Worked great Thanks From: smf_addin@yahoogroups.com [mailto:smf_addin@yahoogroups.com] Sent: Friday, May 22, 2015 2:39 PM To: smf_addin@yahoogroups.com
Kermit W. Prather
May 22

Re: Error trying to pull Dividend yield from dividata.com

It looks like they've coded the web page to ignore the normal method I use to retrieve the source code of a web page -- a zero length string is returned. This
Randy Harmelink
May 22

Error trying to pull Dividend yield from dividata.com

Any help will be greatly appreciated, Thanks, Kermit I am trying to pull the dividend yield from this webpage: https://dividata.com/stock/AGNC The dividend
Kermit W. Prather
May 22

Re: Fama french factors

Pretty easy to roll your own - see http://www.efficientfrontier.com/ef/101/roll101.htm *Peter Urbani* [image: South Africa] +27 76 483 3919 [image: View my
Peter Urbani
May 22

Re: Fama french factors

Sorry, don't see a way... On Fri, May 22, 2015 at 8:02 AM, cgrauballe@... [smf_addin]
Randy Harmelink
May 22
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