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Re: Difference between 7971 board and 1350 board?

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  • Chris
    That s really bizarre, I can t think what the difference might be to change the underscore...perhaps it was the last change I made and I didn t set the file
    Message 1 of 6 , May 29, 2007
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      That's really bizarre, I can't think what the difference might be to
      change the underscore...perhaps it was the last change I made and I
      didn't set the file section hex and the copy at home to the same
      version. I thought I had learned that lesson by now from the B7971
      version !

      At least we know the version in the files section is working. What I
      might do in the coming weeks is produce another version with a
      second letter font. I don't think there is enough space in internal
      memory but if there is I will combine the them. I could lose one of
      the number fonts like the bargraph and even the nixie display, these
      are not really relevanmt to the segmented displays we're using.

      If anyone has any ideas for another letter font please feel free to
      propose it.

      By the way Rich, if you have no objections, would you be willing to
      share your FLW project code in the files section' _support files and
      projects', It's just a thought, I saw your message on Neonixie
      offering to share it.


      --- In smartsockets@yahoogroups.com, Rich Gopstein <rich@...> wrote:
      > The retro-R looks cool, but I think full-R goes better with the
      > letters. Personal preference :)
      > I was able to change it in the hex code (and I learned how lookup
      > are implemented in PICs in the process).
      > These PICs were the last four you sent a couple of weeks ago - but
      > said that those 7971 boards were prototypes or something. The PICs
      > have had old code in them. Updating the code to the posted version
      > the problem, so I'm happy. It was definitely a code problem - all
      > 7971 boards had it, none of the 1350's did. Also - the chips
      failed to
      > verify against the posted hex files, so they definitely had some
      > version of code in them.
      > Rich
      > Chris wrote:
      > > Is it missing, really ? I like the retro look and made it that
      > > deliberately
      > >
      > > Are you able to sort out the new font yourself ?
      > >
      > > If not I'll see what i can do this week, else you could redefine
      > > UDC in the meantime
      > >
      > > I can't think why you got an underscore problem with the code on
      > > IC's, and I can only think it could have been a dirty contact in
      > > socket because there is only one version of software for the
      > > sockets, and when I checked it this afternoon it worked as it was
      > > designed to do.
      > >
      > > Which version of B7971 sockets were you using ? My only other
      > > was that if you ave a very early B7971 version the underscore
      > > on immediately after the command instructing them to come on is
      > > but in the later versions, and the ZM1350 version the underscore
      > > comes on at the next character transition. It had to be changed
      > > to some problems with the original version which occureed due to
      > > data handling
      > >
      > > Chris
      > >
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