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Re: [smartsockets] Merry Christmas

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  • nystrom sture
    Merry Christmas to you too and the rest of group. You are doing a great job an it is very well done. You have spent many hours of work wich you share with
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 24, 2011
      Merry Christmas to you too and the rest of group.

      You are doing a great job an it is very well done. You have spent many hours
      of work wich you share with everybody!

      Greetings, Sture

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      Subject: [smartsockets] Merry Christmas

      > Unless we speak before tomorrow, I would just like to wish all group
      > members a Happy Christmas and thank you for your continued support and
      > interest in these projects.
      > It is 10 years ago that I began my first experiments with nixie tubes,
      > when I decided that I wanted to make a nixie clock for my father's 60th
      > birthday present. So, beginning in November I ordered tubes, some PICs,
      > downloaded Microchip's MPLAB for the first time and taught myself assembly
      > language for PICs. It was a steep learning curve considering the 10 week
      > deadline, but I couldn't afford a higher level language so battled on.
      > Then my interest continued with an invite from Ray Weisling to join the
      > first nixie group, NEONIXIE-L on Yahoo, when he saw me selling clock
      > number 2 on eBay, which I made in order to pay for both clocks.
      > It is nice to see so many of those members are also here, and with you
      > there is also a huge number of new people with an interest in nixies. It
      > is nice to know that so many people share an interest with yourself !
      > Although I built the first clock alone, it is true to say that I would not
      > have improved my skills or opened my mind to some very interesting ideas
      > had it not been for my membership of that group, and the support, the
      > nagging, challenges and humour shared among all members there and now
      > here.
      > I seem to have taken those ideas sideways into developing the Smartsocket
      > concept, originally for neon based tubes and now for the IV-17 vfd tubes
      > which I first began experimenting with in 2007. (it has been a slow
      > project !)
      > Without feedback from users I very much doubt that I would have been able
      > to focus on and direct the projects to their current iterations.
      > John Smout has left a great project in the files section for use by all
      > members using neon based display devices, which works very well.
      > I have also learnt about managing different (but very similar) versions of
      > code. Working closely with some of you to try to incorporate features and
      > facilitate your ideas has meant rapid development, sometimes with errors
      > in coding which did not become apparent until a later version highlighted
      > the error.
      > However, things seem to have settled down more recently and I don't know
      > of any bugs with any code. There is a demand for a test function of the
      > IV-17 devices. Maybe the reason I didn't see the need at first has been
      > because I don't have any problems (not for any other reason than I already
      > have devices which are proven). I will try to produce more than just a
      > segment test confidence function.
      > What's next ?
      > The strong interest in an IV-17 vfd based device has got me looking at
      > writing a word generating device, along the lines of a FLW, but I like the
      > idea of incorporating a word ladder selection routine too. I have already
      > tried writing sample code for this and I like the challenge ! This would
      > be a standalone device, based on the Explorer kits, with a rotary encoder
      > for use as the menu system navigation and parameter setting input device.
      > Anybody in possession of an explorer kit already will be pleased to know
      > it will be backwards compatible, and will be available as a preprogrammed
      > pic on it's own, if required.
      > Once again, thanks to all of you who have contributed already. Your input
      > has been very important to me as you can see.
      > Merry Christmas and the best of the season to you all and your families
      > Chris
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