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Re: [smartsockets] Video showing rotated tubes

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  • fixitsan@aol.com
    Hi Michail I am very busy with work right now, but will have net week off to focus on this. The explorer kit contains the hardware which is required to build
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 1, 2011
      Hi Michail

      I am very busy with work right now, but will have net week off to focus on this.

      The 'explorer kit' contains the hardware which is required to build a 4 tube IV-17 display device, using the HV5812 tube driver, an on-board 35V supply and a pic 18f25k22.
      It is designed for people who want to make use of their IV-17 tubes but who do not want to be tied to using the Smartsocket software. If you like, it is a 4-tube Smartsocket with no code. IE anyone who wants to build their own device only needs to buy the boards and components from me at a reduced price, because there is no software.

      The circuit is a fast track way to putting your code ideas into proactice. Something that wish I could have had access to when developing the Smartsockets !

      Maybe if I call it an 'Experimenter's kit' the purpose of it will become clearer ? Yoiu can make anything you want with it (Except tea, toast and jam ;)  )

      The IV-17 Smartsocket software comes delivered in a pre-programmed pic which plugs straight into the experimenter kit to make it an IV-17 Smartsocket physical device. Anytime you're bored with the Smartsocket software you can unplug it and pop your own (or anyone else's programmed microcontroller)

      The experimenter kit without tubes will be priced between £20-£30. The Smartsocket pic will be around £5. That should make it the cheapest way to get a 4 tube display deivce from IV-17's, among other similar products on other.


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      Did you come up with a price list?
      Is this the 2nd gen with clock?  Not sure what the "explorer" kit is.
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      Not the greatest vieo but i hope it gives the idea

      I will be making up the next batch of IV-17 explorer kits in the next few days. If you have mentioned that yoiu would like some, and I don't get in touch, please drop me an email just saying how many you would like.


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