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Re: User defined characters

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  • Chris
    ... mark ... 0 ... redefined ... ascii ... an ... if ... characters ... by ... I ll look into it John, you re quite right to mention it and I hadn t thought
    Message 1 of 8 , Apr 14, 2007
      --- In smartsockets@yahoogroups.com, Quixotic Nixotic <nixotic1@...>
      > On 13 Apr 2007, at 00:41, Chris wrote:
      > > As it stands, I avoid using the enter key and the exclamation
      > > for anything other than their designated purposes as per the
      > > documentation. I'll add a few words to the documentation, thanks
      > > for the reminder.
      > I do think this would help the newcomer Chris. There is enough to
      > fret about for us normal mortals without being unsure of what does
      > what in your PICs.
      > I have just done a thorough test of the UDCs, every location from
      > to 126, except of course for 13-return and 33-exclamation mark. If
      > you try and display UDC 13 or 33 the system ignores the message.
      > Whatever displayed before is still there. Good.
      > All works as expected except for ascii locations 0 to 9. I
      > these but when I address them, they display 0 to 9 and are not my
      > definitions. Of course normally 0 to 9 would be ascii 48 to 57, so
      > somewhere along the line they are getting translated to their
      > equivalent.
      > To test the UDCs again, I defined another set from 0 to 19 and put
      > underscore on every character. Sure enough 0 to 9 don't define, or
      > they do, they don't display, which is probably more likely the case.
      > I don't suggest you do anything about this Chris, just change the
      > documentation to say:
      > Please note that version 2 software now gives the ability to also
      > program all characters between 10 and 58, as well as the
      > between 58 and 126. Please note that ascii 13 and 33 are reserved
      > the smartsocket system and will not display.

      I'll look into it John, you're quite right to mention it and I hadn't
      thought about it before, but not only do the exclamation and enter
      characters have special meanings, so do the numeric ascii chars.
      If there is enough program memory I'll try a version which ignores
      numeric ascii chars if the current font is set to UDC.

      > One other thing I think you should say is that if you are sending
      > batch of UDCs to the sockets, you need to put a reasonable delay
      > between each set, to allow the sockets to receive and write to
      > eeproms each time. This caught me out. At one point I had all
      > locations programmed with every segment on! All I did was change
      > gap between each set and all was well.

      Ah yep, that's a good point, I will have to mention that at some
      point !

      > The other thing I found was that to program all UDC locations a
      > 16F628a didn't have enough space, a 16F648a does.

      I take it that you are talking about storing a program on a program
      driver chip which sends serial data to the sockets, and not the
      sockets themselves, as then you wouldn't have enough IO either !

      Thanks for posting your test code,
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