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Re: SmartSocket - Arduino

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  • fixitsan2
    ... I don t have any experience with Arduino s (surely a renegade band of mexican bandidos ? Or very tough wino s ?....probably loses something in translation
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 13, 2010
      --- In smartsockets@yahoogroups.com, "michailrw" <michail1@...> wrote:
      > Anyone make a program running the sockets directly with an Arduino yet. And would they be happy to show?
      > Can the arduino directly drive the sockets (serial) or still need RS232 to TTL (doesn't seem like it would as it would already be TTL?)

      I don't have any experience with Arduino's (surely a renegade band of mexican bandidos ? Or very tough wino's ?....probably loses something in translation , as they say !)

      However....... having just looked at a few Arduino resources it seems like they use a regular Atmel microcontroller and if that is the case then you definately shouldn't need to do any level translation of the serial data.

      In short, I haven't written anything for the Arduino. I do have hopes of writing code for a very competent and flexible controller using a PIC though.

      Having just had a PC crash which wiped off all my work since February I have a few other things to occupy my time for now. (John and Andrew you have the only working versions of IV-17 smartsockets in the world !)

      If you'll excuse me I'm just going to read up about backing up on windows XP pro (thanks to nothing more than a slightly badly fitting power plug on a hard disk !)

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