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Re: Tube sockets and underscores

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  • Ken Wolfe
    Thanks Chris It makes sense now. ;) Ken ... sense that ... pads with a ... about
    Message 1 of 13 , Jan 25, 2007
      Thanks Chris

      It makes sense now. ;)


      --- In smartsockets@yahoogroups.com, fixitsan@... wrote:
      > Hello Ken, that's good news !
      > R31 is the anode resistor and is optional. It's optional in the
      sense that
      > if you use a 170Vdc power supply then you only need to bridge the
      pads with a
      > wire because the cathode resistors were selected for a 170V HV supply.
      > Another builder is using a 200V supply and we reckoned on 10K being
      > right for R31.
      > Let me know if you need more information
      > Chris
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