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Re: B-7971 Clock

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  • Chris
    ... B7971 ... the other ... way as a ... some trivial ... 7971 over ... with an ... segments and ... would work ... 100+ I ve ... my idea ... Hello Brett, not
    Message 1 of 52 , Sep 14, 2007
      --- In smartsockets@yahoogroups.com, "Brett Paulin" <yahoogroups@...>
      > Hi Guys,
      > I"ve been lurking on here for a while, keeping an eye out for some
      > tubes to have a play with some smart sockets, when I had an idea
      the other
      > day.
      > How about using 15 x in-13 (Bargraph) tubes arranged in the same
      way as a
      > B7971 ?
      > It would take a little work to mount them, and possibly require
      some trivial
      > mods to to the cathode drivers, but you would end up with a pesudo-
      7971 over
      > 200mm tall !
      > With a little more mods to the drivers, you could use some op-amps
      with an
      > RC-constant and PWM the outputs to control the "legnth" of the
      segments and
      > give you a whole new range of fade-in/out effects.
      > You can get Nixie Bargraphs for about $2-$3 each, so each digit
      would work
      > out to be about $35 (US). Cheaper than B7971's and much bigger.
      > Anyone see any problems before I push the button on a supplier of
      100+ I've
      > found ?
      > How much is a smart-socket kit again for me to start tinkering with
      my idea
      > ?
      > Regards (and Greetings/Introductions :-)
      > Brett Paulin

      Hello Brett, not a bad idea.
      The sockets kits have yet to be priced, but I have some assembled for
      £15.35 complete, or £14.25 without pin receptacles to hold the tube
      pins. Bare PCBs with a controller IC are £7.

      now to your idea, I'm guessing from the price that you are not
      interested in using the underscore character. in that case the pin
      which normally drives the underscore could become a PWM output for
      effects, just like you say !

      In the files section is a video 'david.avi' which sows some large LED
      displays I made from taped reel leds which I just thumbtacked through
      the tape to a board to hold the segment strips in place, I could see
      your idea looking something like that. nice and large is good !

      One of this group's members made a word sculpture, which has a 4-
      letter space in a familiar looking sentence. Passers-by got to change
      the 4 letter word to something they would rateh see in the space, in
      the sentence ' I ++++ YOU '

      I wondered if a display ni ashop window which passers-by could send
      text messages to as they passed would be interesting. For that you
      would need large displays of the sort of size you're talking about
      and an old Nokia phone is virtually free and could receive texts at
      no cost as far as I know !

    • Chris
      ... the programm ... fine. ... Guus, Thanks for the update. I haven t been getting the time to do what I need to do either ! Chris
      Message 52 of 52 , Aug 23, 2008
        --- In smartsockets@yahoogroups.com, guus.assmann@... wrote:
        > Hello Chris,
        > Just now I realise that I forgot to inform you.
        > During my holliday, I had some more time and finally managed to get
        the programm
        > correct. So now, the smartsocket with the B7179 on my PCB also works
        > I'll make some more, to get all 7 tubes working.
        > BR/
        > Guus

        Guus, Thanks for the update.

        I haven't been getting the time to do what I need to do either !

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