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970Re: Using IV-17 smartsocket with usb>ttl adapter

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  • julietmikebravo
    Jan 1, 2013
      --- In smartsockets@yahoogroups.com, John Rehwinkel <jrehwin@...> wrote:
      > > --to go. The choice of language is up to you, the Arduino IDE supports a variant of C++. So you
      > >> could use C or C++ without having to learn a lot of new things.
      > >>
      > >> If you like, I can write a C program equivalent to the Arduino one you posted to get you started.
      > >>
      > > If you can do that that would be very nice. Of course, I am looking into some C programming in Linux also at the moment.
      > Happy to, I uploaded it to my server for you:
      > http://www.vitriol.com/ftp/smartsocket.c

      Compiled it, but no reaction of the Smartsocket, even when sending the V, CSTxxxxxx or CDT1 command.

      Until now, the only way I have been able to scroll messages was by connecting it to an Arduino and relaying stuff. I think I will purchase one of those miniature Arduino PCB's and write some kind of abstraction layer. Shouldn't be much code as I don't use all the commands.

      It seems that computers in general have a hard time sending mixed ASCII/binary stuff, microprocessors seem to do this better.
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