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966Re: Using IV-17 smartsocket with usb>ttl adapter

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  • julietmikebravo
    Dec 16, 2012
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      --- In smartsockets@yahoogroups.com, "fixitsan2" <fixitsan@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > I think I am going to hook up my Arduino to it and try to send commands from there, I can't trust Linux, echo and a CP2102 USB-TTL adapter to do this properly it seems.
      > I've never had to get so involved with Linux unfortunately

      Got the MD and MC commands working, using an Arduino to send the commands like this:

      Serial.write("MS"); //send command in ASCII
      Serial.write(100); //send parameters in direct binary values
      Serial.write(4); //
      Serial.write(1); //
      Serial.write("IV-17 Smartsocket driven by Arduino, test OK "); //send ASCII to display
      delay(20000); // wait for 20 sec before re-running commands

      This results in the message scrolling nicely across the tubes :)

      Still, I think an Arduino between the PC and the SS is unneccesary, a proper serial port should be able to drive the SS directly. Going to spend some more time figuring out why the serial adapter/PC is not sending the right data...
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