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934Update on IV-17 Smartsocket with Fourplay function

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  • fixitsan2
    Jul 27, 2012
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      It's been a while so i thought i would write with the latest update. A busy time at work has kept me from getting on top of and completing the Fourplay device but i still get time to work on it.

      The good news is that lastnight I sorted out a longstanding issue, perhaps it is another 'undocumented feature' related to a variable which was being shared between picbasic and the native assembler routines in the interrupt handler.

      Previously this problem was restricting how I could use RAM variables so I was only able to make a device which was either a Smartsocket or a Fourplay device.

      For the first time I now have the IV-17 Smartsocket code and the Fourplay code (with 3500 four letter words) working on the same device, a pic18f26k22.

      There's still a bit more to be done to the code, but in principle the device can be a standalone Fourplay device, displaying the time periodically, or a standalone clock, showing words periodically, or a connected IV-17 Smartsocket.

      I haven't had to sacrifice any features, so it still has onboard RTC functions, lower power standby mode when the main power fails and all the effects and fonts of the previous device.

      If I can I want to make the word list used in the Fourplay mode user programmable over the serial port, which would probably entail sending a list of words from a PC text file via Hyperterminal to the pic.

      I'll begin uploading code and documentation, a) when it's done and b) when I know it works !
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