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897Segment hangman is here on the IV-17 Smartsocket !

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  • fixitsan2
    Feb 7, 2012
      Thanks to those of you who provided me with data and links to the FLW implementation which I have used as the starting point.

      I have to admit that I did not know where to start with this effect. I had a few ideas I could recycle, but I wanted to tweak the effect so that instead of the segments coming on in an instant, i thought they should fade in and out.

      In addition, I also wanted to be able to do a transformation between two characters, segment by segment.

      I gave myself a few headaches because I have had to keep with the normal muxing scheme and sometimes several segments within a tube can be at different levels of brightness, as can those of it's neighbour's too. All of this still needs to be bit-banged out to the HV5812 shift register driver.

      So, here's how it looks now (apologies for the poor quality video again)

      The transitions from "----" to "TEST" and from "TEST" to "WORD" use the usual FLW method of blanking the tube completely before starting the next word
      The next transitions from "WORD" to "TEST" and from "TEST" to "WORD" use an alternate version of the effect, where the old character is left on the tube and is deconstructed as the new character is introduced, segment by fading segment !


      This is an effect which can be called up just like any other using the basic command "E". The 'original' method with pre-blanking is coded into the routine so you don't need to blank the display first, just send another four letter word and the rest is automatic.

      The speed of the effect in the video is 3 of 9, where 1 = fastest and 9 = slowest, so there is some scope to really drag this out if you like suspense.

      I have more kits just about ready to ship if anyone is interested