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701Re: IV-17 SS kinda working!

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  • shklaw75
    May 23 4:28 AM
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      Hi Chris,

      I understood which part of the schematic you were referring to, thanks for the clarification.

      The decimal points are working, although slightly duller compared to the other segments. The values of the resistors I am using are 33k for the bases of the MPS42's, 100k from the collector of the MPS42 to the base of the MPS92. 10k's between the base of the MPS92 and the 40V supply and 1k between the collector of the MPS92 and the left or right group of decimal points. I also tried without the 1k and the brightness seems the same.

      Now, I have gone and done something stupid and think I have damaged the PIC chip and maybe the HV5812! I was sticking 12V into pin 14 of the PIC (to illuminate all the segments) by accident and now i cant get anything to come up except for the decimal points! So i will get another PIC in and get it working again. I will then update you on where it is all at.


      --- In smartsockets@yahoogroups.com, "fixitsan2" <fixitsan@...> wrote:
      > Simon, apologies, I changed the link and forgot to change the reference to it (working in too much of a rush...)
      > The area of the diagram concerned is top right.
      > --- In smartsockets@yahoogroups.com, "fixitsan2" <fixitsan@> wrote:
      > referencing the schematic on the last page of this manual....
      > > http://www.ledsales.com.au/pdf/frank2_clock_kit.pdf
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