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693Re: IV-17 SS kinda working!

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  • fixitsan2
    May 15, 2011
      Hello Simon,
      I think I have made a mistake in documenting details which are no longer relevant.

      Instead of sending MD,1,STOP, please try sending the command without the commas, IE 'MD1STOP' . Note that the 1 has to be in decimal or hex format, or in other words not an ascii character 1. (Ascii '1' is decimal 49, hex $31). Instead send decimal 1 or hex $01.

      This gets confusing if you're using a PC terminal program which doesn't allow you to mix numeric types.

      MD1STOP in hex is - 4D 44 01 53 54 4F 50

      Please let me know if this has helped.

      PS, I'll look into the PWM controls as soon as I'm back at my usual PC. One detail I have ommitted is the inclusion of some 4k7 resistors between the wiper of the pots and the AD input pins of the PIC. The value doesn't seem too critical and anything from 2k2 to 10k will work, depending on the value of the pot. I recently used 4k7 linear pots with a 4k7 resistor in series with the wiper.
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