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692IV-17 SS kinda working!

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  • shklaw75
    May 15, 2011
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      Hi Group,

      I have put together four IV-17 tubes on a breadboard with a HV5812 and a PIC18F25K22. It is powered by one of Konstantin's (kosbo) VFD power supplies which has a variable 0-9V output for the filament (set to 2.4V), a variable 15-50V output for the anode/grid (set to 40V) and a 5V supply for the uP and HV5812.

      I am sending commands from a PC program called realterm via a USB to TTL convertor.

      The problem is that i can only get the version of the software to display!
      This is what happens. I send the command V to display the software version, v111 comes up, i then send command (MD,1,Stop) to display a word and the tubes go blank. I then send the V command again and the version comes back up again. I flashed the uP with the rev13 hex file and get the same results, v111 as the software version number. The new test function in v13 works, if take pin 14 high, all segments come on, low, all off, so it has definitely updated the flash in the uP.

      Some other commands work, i can change the font and then when i send V, the version number is shown in the new font. I can also change the effect and see that working when i go from a blank display to showing the software version or vice versa.

      I attached a 32,768 Hz crystal to pins 11 and 12 with 22pf caps and tried the clock commands, unfortunately the time does not come up.

      Not sure if this is related to what is happening above, but when i load the hex into the PICkit2 programmer, a warning message comes up saying" Some configuration words not in hex file. Ensure default values above right are acceptable."

      I have uploaded screenshots of PICkit2 screen and the configuration word editor screen to my flickr page. There is also a shot of the tubes showing the software version.

      On a side note, i can only get part of the PWM output working. The pot varying 0-5v on pin 3 varies the duty cycle, but the pot varying 0-5v on pin 2 does nothing. The output PWM stays at ~52kHz.

      Is anyone able to shed some light on the issues i am having above?

      Many thanks.
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