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1111RE: Need Smartsocket 6 digit B7971 clock with calendar / RTC controller

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  • qly79
    Nov 10, 2013
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       Hello Fixitsan2, I did not get all your reply. Can you email me direct at jondoneza@.... This new style of yahoo group NEO is driving me insane. . Thank you

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      I'm working away (slowly) on the Raspberry Pi RSS reader, which also displays date and time.
      Brief update - I've made a confiuration file which holds all the relevant RSS feed info in human readable format,, which means that you could write it in a text editor and save to a USB stick.
      I've also got the web server working on the Raspberry Pi and a simple script which reads the config file and goes to get the feed data.
      All sections of the code work, I just need to paste them together now, and finish making a simple web interface so that you can also build the config file via the web interface of any device on yoiur local network.
      Just for fun i decided to install python on my company issue laptop which I use at work (if it worked it would allow me to develop my Python code when at work) ....I installed Python, copy/pasted the code over from the Raspberry Pi and it worked perfectly in an identical way on the laptop......Python is great !
      Hopefully someone else can come up with a specific Arduino/pic solution for a 6 tube clock too.
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      Hello group. Im looking for a schematic and hex code for a 6 digit clock with calendar project that would display Time in 12 hour format, Month day and year, An arduino, atmega or PIC would do. I can pay by paypal if possible, I have the B7971 tubes and smartsockets built. but no controller. Need help from the group. thanks
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