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Re: Really Cute LittleHouse

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  • LarenCorie
    Posted by: Chuck Prestwood ChuckPrestwood@aol.com ... Hi Chuck; The force is strong within you, yes it is ;O) You have the gift of seeing through walls. My
    Message 1 of 4 , May 16, 2013
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      Posted by: "Chuck Prestwood" ChuckPrestwood@...

      > Great house! Like Mary Poppins,
      > "practically perfect in every way"
      >.. on the outside anyway. :)

      Hi Chuck;

      The force is strong within you, yes it is ;O)
      You have the gift of seeing through walls. My friend
      went to look at the house yesterday. The interior
      was not nice. Not only was it not in good shape, but
      the layout was awkward in the way that many older,
      small houses seem to us today, with our knowledge
      of the advantages of open planning. The exterior is
      also not in nearly as good condition as it looks in the
      pictures. The windows were basically rotten, just
      painted over, and would all need replacing. The
      porch, which looks like stone slabs in the picture,
      is actually chipping concrete. The nice siding,
      matched and wrapping the corners, is not in good
      shape. It still has the original convection furnace
      (huge ducting filling the basement) that is probably
      converted from coal, but it simply does not work
      now. An investor is just trying to double their
      money, by painting over all the problems.

      Their remodeling did not honor the nice original
      design. I put the picture aside, and hope, at some
      time in the future, to use the front elevation to inspire
      a stock plan, that has cathedral ceilings, with a nice
      sleeping loft, and also a "bed niche" on the main floor,
      that has French doors opening it to a great room, for
      most of the house to be a large open space. It would
      also have multiple Solar heating options (for different
      compass orientations, and climates) utilizing either a
      sunspace, greenhouse, or Solar air heater siding. A
      plan for a bedroom addition would also be included
      Such nice design detailing needs to live on in some
      form. It appears that the little house in the picture
      has not been treated well, and is to a point where it
      likely will not ever get restored, since it would cost
      about as much, as to build a better new one....a shame.

      -Laren Corie-
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