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Small House Society – Great Lakes Region – 2015 Summit

The Small House Society is hosting another pop-up conference! This time we’re meeting in Munising, Michigan on Monday, 25 May 2015. Details are online:
Greg Johnson
May 23

Site Built Small Homes/ THOW Workshop Florida

Historic Shed will host a one day workshop on Saturday, March 21 starting at 10 am at 1212 Ponce de Leon Boulevard, Brooksville, FL 34601 to discuss designing
Feb 25

Re: EMF's and Tiny Houses

                  Hi Angela and All,                          It's worse than that as you don't even understand EMFs
jerry freedomev
Feb 19

Re: EMF's and Tiny Houses

Yes, it's quite daunting isn't it when you start to open up this pandora's box...... I understand there's no way to get away from it all completely in todays
Angela Leslee
Feb 18

Re: EMF's and Tiny Houses

Keep in mind also that power cords and other cords can emit/receive EMF as well. Many desktop radios are built with that in mind and use the power cord as the
Feb 18

Re: EMF's and Tiny Houses

Thanks Scott for some good grounded pointers. Like you, I don't feel that 'sensitive' people are broken, just the canaries in the mine.....this doesn't feel
Angela Leslee
Feb 17

Re: EMF's and Tiny Houses

If there is a verifiable and reliable scientific or medical source that states that EMF from wifi or cordless phones is dangerous I would like to have that
pat long
Feb 17

Re: EMF's and Tiny Houses

I’m a chemically sensitive, healthy home builder w/ significant education & background in building science. I’ll soon to be focusing my energy on tiny
Feb 17

Re: EMF's and Tiny Houses

                 Hi  Angela and All,                      Your post has a large amount of myth to it.  Spreading these
jerry freedomev
Feb 17

Re: EMF's and Tiny Houses

I don't think that I am especially sensitive but I have noticed that when we have had a total power failure, at night, with absolutely nothing running, the
    Jim Henry
    Feb 16
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    EMF's and Tiny Houses

    I wanted to share with everyone something that I have been learning, the hard way of course....sigh! To make a long story short, the different fields that
    Angela Leslee
    Feb 16

    Small House Society News 201501

    31 January 2015 Saturday Dear Friend, The January 2015 Small House Society newsletter is now online here:
    Greg Johnson
    Jan 31

    Re: WH

    THIS IS MY SCHEME My circulation pump is programmable in 15 minute increments and my heater is solar.
    Jan 6
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    Hello everyone, I feel like a complete idiot for asking this question, but I'm so confused. I know that heat rises therefore I hook the cold water in on the
    Jan 5

    Re: Toilet questions

    I don't have personal experience but only a reference to a few others who do. You might want to contact these people who have tried a number of different
    Oct 30, 2014
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