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13325Tiny Richmond House Offers Cheap Getaway

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  • Scott Burger
    Jul 30, 2014



      It's 6 feet wide and made of sheet metal, but visitors from as far as Europe are flocking to what might be Richmond's cheapest place to spend the night.

      While some suburban name-brand hotels are running about $100 and up this Saturday night, a stay in Andrew Cauthen's self-described tiny house will set you back only $24. And while there isn't much more than a loft bed and an empty floor, he says that's the point.

      "I always wanted to have a place where people could go and have space," Cauthen says — "charge up and be what they really want to be."

      Cauthen built the house on top of a boat trailer in 2009, working from modified shed plans. The project cost around $3,000.

      "When I first made it, everyone just said, 'Oh, that's Andrew doing more weird stuff,'" he says. "[It was] my fun answer to the housing crisis."