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13278RE: The height of hypocrisy

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  • rjs987
    Feb 3, 2014
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      On the point that this gives more exposure to tiny house living and provides some information about it: I agree this is good.

      On the point that they choose not to believe in it enough to actually try it out themselves: I also agree this is very bad.

      I know I don't live in a tiny house, currently. I don't go around claiming how great it "IS" because I don't have first hand experience. I do believe living tiny, or at least living much smaller, is the right thing to do and I am working toward that end. So I will continue to encourage those who do live tiny/small and also those who want to and have a desire to work toward that end like myself. I applaud those who are currently living tiny or small and continue to do so, not just to try it out for a month or two (though I do think it should be tried at least just to have the experience) but have committed to making that their lifestyle. I long for that lifestyle.
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