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13273The height of hypocrisy

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  • robcrissinger
    Jan 31, 2014
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      The documentary " TINY: A Story About Living Small" is being screened at different film festivals.  Makes me really wonder about the hypocrisy of the project.  There are those of us that have lived the tiny life for several years or longer(I'm in my 5th year in 136sqft) . Learning the couple that built a tiny house and filmed the documentary have never lived in the tiny house,they don't live together,they funded the construction to the tune of $26,000 with crowd funding is a slap in the face of those who really live the tiny life. How can you walk the walk when living in Brooklyn, N.Y. and l.A. California while promoting a film about living small? They talk about the trials and tribulations of  the project  and it is all one big fake.  Christopher Smith says he is in L.A. filming a new project. Probably about his life as an astronaut 
      Don't waste your money seeing the documentary.
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