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13227~ A friends homemade composting toilet set up~

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  • MotherLodeBeth
    Oct 8, 2013
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      Have not made one myself but saw where a friend took 2 five gallon buckets and in one they drilled a few small holes in the bottom. The second bucket had a small hose attachment in the bottom with a  hose that ran outside into another 5 gallon bucket with a lid on if where the hose was stuck in.

      The first bucket on top with the small holes, was set inside the second bucket. The opening in the floor was perfect for the first bucket to rest on the lip. When you used the composting toilet the urine from the top bucket drained into the bottom bucket, then to the outside. This kept the contents of the toilet drier with just the solid waste.  The buckets were easy to remove to clean as needed.

      Seems its the build up liquid from the urine that causes people the most grief. Its why so many of the new composting toilets you buy have heat fan combinations to evaporate as much of the liquid outside as possible.
      ~ : Beth who loves living in the California Sierra: ~
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