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13226Re: [shs-talk] Re: ~M AKING Composting toil ets a ren’t ju st for stat e parks a nd hippies a nymore~

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  • MotherLodeBeth
    Oct 8, 2013
      People use cedar around here and pine since both are available because of all the trees we have. They will sweep up the sawdust from sawing all the wood they need for the winter, and allow the sawdust to dry well during the spring and summer and then store in 30 gallon Rubbermaid garbage cans.  Pine and cedar also have a natural smell that is nice.  
      When composting in a composter one wants to have a nice balance of looooose dry sawdust with dirt, leaves etc otherwise it clumps up. In a composting toilet situation one sprinkles a hand full on the fresh waste and as long as the urine is allowed to evaporate well you do not have the soggy mess that would result in clumping issues.
      ~ : Beth who loves living in the California Sierra: ~
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      From: Angela Leslee
      Sawdust??? Hmmmm,never thought to use that.....I use organic compost from Ace....I was going to use cedar chips when I first started with it, but someone said the cedar kills the bacteria for composting, so do you have to be careful what kind of sawdust you use?
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