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13215RE: Re: frustrated..... Somehow I am not able to post So I will pass this on.

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  • rjs987
    Oct 6, 2013

      Now, Friday through today, I am finding that when I click on a conversation (thread) in the list nothing happens unless I refresh the page. THEN it shows the thread I selected. Otherwise there is a small block message at the top center that just says "Loading" and that just sits there until I refresh. It just doesn't work as well as the original.


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      I still find I have to logoff and then logon to Yahoo groups every couple of days to even just see the controls to reply or create a post/thread. Once I do that the controls/buttons remain for a few days and then disappear, even though my name at the top of the screen shows that I am still logged on.

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      I've been following the news of the Yahoo Groups redesign, but it hadn't gone live for me until recently. Many people in other groups have been frustrated with the new design.

      I'll work on exploring the new interface and see what help I can offer. Feel free to write me with specific usability questions.

      For now, the easiest way to create a new thread is to send a new email to the group by writing to smallhousesocietyonline@yahoogroups.com

      That will start a new discussion. The online interface will require some time for people to learn and navigate.

      Thanks for your patience.


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