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Re: SmallEiffel related projects

Hi, a little late, but we have been busy ... We have two SE based projects here at work: - a Pervasive SQL2000 admin and query tool - a company information
Uwe Sander
Jun 26, 2002

mail server maintenance / SE mailing list

Hi all. There's going to be some heavy maintenance on the LORIA mailserver, which hosts this SmallEiffel mailing-list, on Thursday, June 27th. So, expect
Olivier Zendra
Jun 26, 2002

short utility and obsolete clause

Hi, I'm a newcomer to Eiffel so please forgive me if this is a naive question. I'm using Release -0.74 Beta #17 of SmallEiffel wrapped in ELJ-Win32 on Windows
Eddie Eyles
Jun 24, 2002

FWD: [gclist] Ravenbrook open-sources the Memory Pool System Kit

Having the recent gc problems of the elj project and the quest for a gc system for SCOOP in mind I thing everybody working on SmallEiffel or SCOOP should have
Benedikt Grundmann
Jun 24, 2002

Re: The Shootout benchmarks

... eposix can do this easily, I'll take a look. -- Live long and prosper, Berend de Boer
Berend de Boer
Jun 21, 2002

Re: The Shootout benchmarks

... In a fit of boredom while running tests, I implemented the Shootout Regexmatch benchmark yesterday, using the ELJ version of the PCRE library. That's the
Greg C
Jun 21, 2002

Q related to bitwise shift operator

Hi, one question about the bitwise shift and rotate operators in the BIT class. Why does have operators like: infix "@<<" (s: INTEGER) is like Current is a
H. Erdbr├╝gger
Jun 21, 2002

Re: class names

... I see. Well, in that case you are right. I am not sure ELKS says anything about naming, though. Arno -- Arno Wagner, Communication Systems Group, ETH
Arno Wagner
Jun 21, 2002

Re: SmallEiffel GC limited memory - real time

... Ok. I depends on your project architecture. ... From HISTORY.txt: * The new manifest string notation for verbatim manifest string is now implemented as
Philippe Ribet
Jun 21, 2002

Re: class names

... I also think names are important, and I agree with Alexander's critique of the class names in SmallEiffel's lib. As to whether naming conventions should be
Jun 20, 2002

Re: class names

I only recommended this convention ... because most of the classes in SmallEiffel libraries already conform. Names should be consistent across a single
Alexander Rios
Jun 20, 2002

Re: class names

... [...] I agree with you that names are important. I do not agree that your convention is the only one or that there is really a need for one global naming
Arno Wagner
Jun 20, 2002

class names

I know that to some people names don't matter too much but I think they matter alot. Except for classes that have only deferred features (like COMPARABLE,
Alexander Rios
Jun 20, 2002

Re: SmallEiffel GC limited memory - real time

... I think in this case it would make the code extremely messy to not use GC. The user has so many options and the memory space is so limited that we couldn't
J. Scott Edwards
Jun 20, 2002

Re: The Shootout benchmarks

... Yaesockets comes with an Echo example. It might be a good starting point. marcio
Marcio Marchini
Jun 20, 2002
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