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Download … F I I TRADING PATTERN,{ Intraday trading ideas & F I I Intraday & Short-term buying / selling }.

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    WELCOME TO MIND-POWER INVESTMENT IDEAS    Download … F I I  TRADING  PATTERN Intraday trading ideas  &  F I I  Intraday & Short-term buying /
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       Download … F I I  TRADING  PATTERN
      Intraday trading ideas  &  F I I  Intraday & Short-term buying / selling.
      { Last Six Month Reports}...
      Introduction & Our Aim:
      How to invest in equity market with hassle free trading such as MF & FII & institutional investors,whenever we enter in bull market and whenever we exit from bear market, what is market sentiment positive (+) or negative (-), What is bull price, bear price, support and resistance of market. What are the simple ideas to invest in bull market and whenever we get profit and exit from bear market. We always focus top 10-15 fundamentally strong stocks. We always use stop loss because in equity market liquidity is very high and at current position market is volatile and our market is depend on foreign market breadth and other macro & micro factors. If we get 8-10% profit in one month (by trading three to four times in a month) and exit from bear market and then re-enter in bull market, from this method we get 100% or approx double return in one year. If you try this method then you get profit more then MF & FII with your regular routine work.
       Our Index And Stocks :
      Payment Plan:
      One Month Plan Six Month Plan One Year Plan
      1200 Rs. only 7200 Rs. only 14400 Rs. only
      Per Month. One Month Free. Three Month Free.

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      Contact Us:Reg. Office : Gandhidham (Gujarat)
      Call Us : +91-9228385335
      E-Mail : info@...

      Mind-Power Investment Ideas is an advisory company providing ideas on Stocks Cash, Nifty,Dowjons and Nasdaq.
      With the accurate ideas, we also educate and prepare clients on the improvement of their Trading Skills so that
      they can make maximum profits.


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