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Re: [s-w-h] scimitar blades

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  • jerry freedomev
                                Hi Neil and All,                                   That is how both the
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                                Hi Neil and All,
                                      That is how both the Skystream 3.7 and mine work. Though mine doesn't look scimitar, it uses the same tech/forces to do the same, vary the pitch depending on air load.
                                     But they only semi feather up to 75% or so, not completely.  But that nearly doubles the range that power can be harvested from.   While the lower end doesn't have much power and the upper end is rare, in some places like Fla that is where we have much of our winds.
                                      I first did it in 79 but likely someone else did it before that as it's been known since the 1920's for aircraft props.
                                                                                   Jerry Dycus

      From: Neil Dennis <wombatt@...>
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      Sent: Monday, April 8, 2013 2:29 PM
      Subject: [s-w-h] scimitar blades

      Just another odd  (dumb) question .  Wonder if a "scimitar" shaped blade
      can be designed that will automatically feather ?  Has anyone tried  ?



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