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RE: [s-w-h] Re: Hello group - vertical axis high solidity

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  • Frank Leslie
    Doug, Don t be so negative! The joints of the blades are subjected to reversing forces twice per revolution, so this offers a perfect machine for materials
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      Don't be so negative! The joints of the blades are subjected to reversing forces twice per revolution, so this offers a perfect machine for materials testing.


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      Hi Sebas:
      I recently observed a large, well-constructed (expensive?) vertical axis machine on a stout steel pole. The blade array was very high solidity, tip speed ratio slow. Compared to the regular horizontal-axis turbines in the neighborhood, such as a Skystream next door, or the Bergeys everywhere, this high solidity vertical-axis merry-go-round is ugly - a total industrial-looking blight on the neighborhood. I would not want to own adjacent property. The blades are so large and the assembly as a whole is so visually disturbing compared to a few slender blades which become almost invisible when spinning, that it is actually alarming to drive up close and check it out. This is definitely NOT the future of small wind. High material use per unit power = ugly; Slow, high area blades = ugly; Vertical axis motion is disturbing to the eye, the low height combined with the high solidity and merry-go-round motion make this machine completely dominate the entire area, visually speaking, and not in a good way. It was quiet though...
      Doug Selsam

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      > Hi,my name is Sebastian and i am new on this group. I am currently living in Spain and studing the small wind generaltion market.
      > Things here are quite behind the US and other countries in the EU in relation to this market. There are currently no incentives in tarrifs or any program to promote the installation of this technology. This situation may change in the near future. New regulation is coming in about two weeks that may be more interesting.
      > I am trying to find a survey made by the AWEA about manufaturers all around the world. I believe this can help to narrow my research for manufacturers since they are many of them and it takes a lot of time to look one by one. It would be great to have a table with some basic data ( all i need to know is potential rate of output, cost of the unit and also if it�s vertical or horizontal axis).
      > If someone can help me find this survey or any other similar i would appreciate it very much.
      > Thanks,
      > sebas

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