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Re: [a-w-h] Monopole on the beach...

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  • tom mack
    Hello Mike- I m not an engineer , but have some knowledge of beaches and wind turbines. I think the scale of the project would be very relevant-- 20-foot
    Message 1 of 33 , Jan 30, 2008
      Hello Mike-
      I'm not an engineer , but have some knowledge of beaches and wind turbines.

      I think the scale of the project would be very relevant-- 20-foot diameter swept area on a 80-foot tower , or 200-foot diameter swept area on 200-foot tower?

      Around here {LI, NY} we have structures built on sand and swamps, and the traditional foundations seem to be pilings. The pilings have some immunity to the swirling waters of surf, as they extend below the level the soil is stirred up under turbulent water.

      I have no knowledge of MATs (just googled the technique , interesting!).

      If the concrete is to be exposed to brine , i think the salts can corrode the reinforcing within if no precautions are taken.
      -Tom m

      Mike Correale <correale@...> wrote:
      I am looking for someone that can advise on the installation of a monopole
      tower with turbine, about 1200 feet from the water on a sunny island on the
      coast of Texas. The issue is that there is a factor of a very low water
      table (about 5 ft), potential of a tidal surge, and of course
      hurricanes..... I am looking for some advise to install a MAT foundation -
      basically on the beach....


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    • roadhse2
      I did mechanic work back in that time period...lot of Chrysler stuff....lot of calls to parking lots for no starts on 2.2 engines... Best guess is the fuel
      Message 33 of 33 , Feb 4, 2008
        I did mechanic work back in that time period...lot of Chrysler
        stuff....lot of calls to parking lots for no starts on 2.2 engines...

        Best guess is the fuel pump fuse or relay, when it goes it wont let
        the computer get a signal, injectors cant work without a computer
        driver telling them too...etc....

        Lucky you.. it is a 2 minute fix...if NOT the fuse...then, fuel pump

        Located on drivers side firewall or fender apron under the
        hood...should be 2 little black boxes (1 1/4 x 1 1/4 x 2 1/2
        tall)....1 is fuel pump relay, other is a/c relay...they
        interchange.....just unplug both from the harness and switch , fuel
        pump is the relay closest to fender if i remember right..

        If that isnt it, Hall Effect sensor would be the next thing to look
        at, it takes the place of points in the distributor...round plastic
        thingy (<technical term) under distributor cap... No way to test it,
        but a replacement is cheap


        --- In awea-wind-home@yahoogroups.com, David and Melanie Mikkelson
        <dmikkelson1942@...> wrote:
        > Ask Doug.. already let him know... "Well"??? Think your getting
        > confused with someone else. My idea is all above ground.
        > BYW... I'm done arguing and trying to explain. It takes too much
        > wording and nobody reads that far. Think that had a lot to do
        with the
        > replies.
        > Heck some are probably trying to tweak it out and get patents by
        > I've look at several different gen flying designs. I know what it
        > at least mechanically. I'm not try in to sell anything, just
        > something that will work for me. Still learning electrical.. and
        I do
        > not profess to know anything but the basics on that. Enough of
        > Did you get my message about the Kienzle? I'll respect your
        > on them if you respect my mechanical engineering.
        > Wouldn't happen to know anything about older syle 1990 Chrysler
        > electronics would you? 1990 Horizon. Just shut down on my wife
        > other day.... odd... for some reason it (appears anyway) that the
        > computer shut down the power to the ignition, fuel pump, and
        > But I haven't been able yet to determine why. Auto shut down
        > triggered? from what?... bad fusable link?... whatever?.
        Chrysler no
        > help. Its too old and nobody remembers. Most of them were still
        > when it was built. Going to have to clean out the bay in the shop
        > its currently set up for wood working (my wifes hobby greenhouse
        > building her) get it in there and start testing circuits. I'd
        take in
        > in for this kind a thing... but shop rates are simply more than we
        > afford.
        > When the fuel prices went crazy... we had to resort to a little
        car, but
        > with me unemployed, we simply couldn't go out and buy a late model
        > we've always done in the past. Gas was a buck a gallon when we
        > this place. Its killing us now. But thats the price of country
        > living. I picked up this old 90 model with a bad head gasket with
        > decent body and interior... rebuilt the engine and several other
        > and threw on a quicky paint job on it a year ago... but I'm afraid
        > wiring harness has issues now. I love designing and build
        something new
        > or resurrecting an antique... but <cuss>, I absolutely disdain
        > automotive repair. Especially when the shop is not heated.
        > it has to break in January. I'll probably find a broken wire from
        > and brittle insulation and cold.
        > Dave
        > Donald Plisco wrote:
        > > I'd still like to see where all of that extra power cable is
        going to
        > > stashed...We're not talking about 22AWG that can be neatly
        coiled up
        > > and stored in the well..
        > >
        > > Don
        > >
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        > > *From:* Doug Selsam <mailto:doug@...>
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        > > *Subject:* Re: [a-w-h] Masts: A New Approach?
        > >
        > > OK well how are you going to maintain the electrical
        > > with the
        > > inner cable and an outer sliding nacelle? Extra cable the
        > > of the
        > > tower? Extra resistance of extra cable? And where and how is
        > > extra
        > > cable stashed away, when the turbine is back at the top? See
        > > often
        > > happens on this list is that people use up all the energy
        > > might use to
        > > actually build something, to instead simply talk about it. Of
        > > course the
        > > talk is cheap and every problem is solved neatly with another
        > > keystroke and
        > > nobody has to really do anything but keep calling each other
        > > names. Which
        > > can be fun in itself, but...
        > > I decided long ago to save my energy for building it, then,
        if and
        > > when it
        > > is built, tell everybody how great it is. The biggest lesson
        > > have learned
        > > in this adventure is that few people do what they say they
        will do
        > > anyway.
        > > Someone arguing about a tower they will never build on the
        > > internet - how
        > > seriously should anyone take it?
        > > Don is a retired glockmeister (clockmaker)
        > > - quite bored lately - well everything has gone digital you
        > > and he likes to see if he can get peoples' goat, out of
        sheer boredom.
        > > You fell for it - he he he. Nice one, Don.
        > > We also have a crazy person on the list masquerading as some
        sort of
        > > overeducated aerodynamicist - can you guess who that is?
        Don't pay
        > > attention
        > > to anything he says - he's nuts - belongs in the looney bin -
        > > nothing he
        > > says makes any sense whatsoever - it just sounds like it
        > > sense because
        > > he uses big words and makes it all seem so complicated, but
        > > really, he makes
        > > no sense, so don't let him get to you either.
        > > Doug S.
        > > http://www.Maboomba.com <http://www.Maboomba.com>
        > >
        > > ----- Original Message -----
        > > From: "dem45133" <dmikkelson1942@...
        > > <mailto:dmikkelson1942%40scpwildblue.com>>
        > > To: "Doug Selsam" <doug@... <mailto:doug%40selsam.com>>
        > > Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2008 5:02 PM
        > > Subject: Re: [a-w-h] Masts: A New Approach?
        > >
        > > No Doug, your "don't forget" items had nothing to do with
        it. I was
        > > addressing the slider system concept only. I happen to like
        it. Then
        > > due to Don's rantings he and I got into it. Unfortunately I
        tend to
        > > do my own ranting then too... oh well. Don simply lost...
        > > he said, I provided a cost effective simple solution for,
        but I doubt
        > > he'll ever admit it. Sure there are tweaks that need to be
        > > as most was conceptual and of the top of my head, but they
        are sound.
        > > Cost effective for me is different than companies though...
        my labor
        > > is free and I also don't have overhead costs or profit
        margins to
        > > maintain.
        > >
        > > I was originally addressing Randy's slider questions then
        Don jumped
        > > all over us like we were a bunch of fools. Basically it just
        > > irritated me no end.
        > >
        > > My rules were simple.
        > > -slider mast system
        > > -no contruction crews or cranes, ever if possible.
        > > -doable by any reasonable talented farm or country land
        owner with the
        > > normal equipment available to such or rented from a local
        > > rental, a reasonably equipped shop, and good welding
        equipment and
        > > skills. A metal lathe would be nice, (you all might be
        surprised how
        > > many farm shops have a lathe and a mill) but the few items
        that really
        > > need it could be hired out.
        > > -standard off-the shelf items
        > >
        > > I've checked out monopoles and tilt ups from the 40 to 90
        foot levels.
        > > Nothing cheap about most of them... The cheapest ones could
        > > handle my situation anyway as I need to gen what they do in
        1/2 the
        > > wind the vast majority are not designed for the storm
        pressures I will
        > > subsequently then generate. I hadn't mentioned that and
        maybe that
        > > would have changed Don's tone, but I doubt it.
        > >
        > > --- In awea-wind-home@yahoogroups.com
        > > <mailto:awea-wind-home%40yahoogroups.com>, "Doug Selsam"
        > > <doug@> wrote:
        > > >
        > > > Don't forget, the idea was to be simpler than a tilt-up
        > > > Don't forget, a tilt-up tower is simple, dependable, and
        > > > Don't forget - all the guy wires(?) and power wires and
        > > instrumentation
        > > > wires criss-crossing...
        > >
        > > Not applicable as the slider doesn't rotate, it carries a
        pivot the
        > > allows the gen to, but not it itself...
        > >
        > >
        > >
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