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Re: useful motor

Hi, Wombat !My guess is that these would be "universal AC/DC" motors (to enable max torque & high power from minimum rpm on up) as used in hand-held power
tom mack
Aug 27

useful motor

I have a couple cordless push mowers, wondering if the motors may be useful for wind generators. Haven't checked as to what type they are, guess that they are
Neil Dennis
Aug 26

Re: PM generator

Dear Karthikeyan I've developed a PM generator that might work for your project. I was rating them at 2000 Watts, but over the years I've come to realize that
Doug Selsam
Jul 11

Re: PM generator

Have a look here => https://www.youtube.com/user/josepcastells/videos just to give you an idea. On 10/07/2015 14:57, karthikeyan karthikeyan
Charlie Williams
Jul 10

PM generator

Hi,           I'm looking for the 0.75kW  permanent magnet axial or radial flux generator for my 2m dia wind turbine rotor. Kindly suggest me the
karthikeyan karthikeyan
Jul 10

Re: Waters Turbine

Peotone IL . 708-997- 3675 Thanks Lyle ... From: Jones, Martin To: llcoll1129 Cc: small-wind-home
Jul 9

Re: Waters Turbine

I have 120 12 VOLT industrial batteries where is the best place to advertise them ? llcoll1129@... thanks
Jul 8

Re: Waters Turbine

Thanks, Cor. You're talking Betz's law (59%) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Betz%27s_law. And you are right. I wouldn't take any "new energy system" serious if
Charlie Williams
Jul 8

Re: Waters Turbine

I stopped reading when I saw that he claims to get the same energy output from a turbine that uses only a few percent of the area swept by a 3-blade turbine.
Jul 8

Re: Waters Turbine

Hi Charlie, unfortunately media are not very skilled when dealing with wind turbines. So often they promote new sensational inventions, which in reality are
Claus Nybroe
Jul 8

Re: Waters Turbine

Hi Doug, I tried to think of the forces on the air and recalled the playground merry-go-round, which requires some to pull it round, when a new kid jumps
Geoff Thomas
Jul 6

Re: Waters Turbine

Thanks, Dough. And I like to add: If the system was of any viability it would have been all over the media. Cheers, Charlie On 06/07/2015 21:04, Doug Selsam
Charlie Williams
Jul 6

Waters Turbine

On the positive side, I have not seen this specific idea before. So it may represent a new approach. Seems like the wind going past the periphery of the drum
Doug Selsam
Jul 6

has anyone seen the Waters_Effect_Turbine??

It claims much greater efficiency. http://peswiki.com/index.php/Directory:Waters_Effect_Turbine Norman
Norman Bollinger
Jul 3

Re: How to use a GTI without the grid

Junk. Buy several, you WILL need the replacements. I've heard from many folks who were bummed out by those pieces of ... .
Michael Welch
Jun 23
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