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[slowcooker] A Recipe and a Question

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  • Sarah Navarro
    Hi All, Today I made this recipe. It has probably been posted before, but in case some new people don t have it , it was really good. It s from the busycooks
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 29 12:45 PM
      Hi All,
      Today I made this recipe.  It has probably been posted before, but in case some new people don't have it , it was really good.  It's from the busycooks web site.  I doubled it and it was so yummy.
      Chicken Tacos
      1 packet taco seasoning (or 4 TBL bulk taco seasoning)
      1 cup chicken broth
      1 pound boneless skinless chicken breasts
      Dissolve taco seasoning into chicken broth. Place chicken breasts in crockpot and pour chicken broth over. Cover and cook on low for 6-8 hours. 
      With two forks, shred the chicken meat into bite-size pieces.  Use in soft tacos, hard tacos, burritos, nachos, etc.
      To freeze, place shredded meat into freezer bags with the juices.  press out all the air and seal.
      And now for my question:  Does anybody else ever use 2 crockpots at the same time?  For example:  A lot of the stuff I cook in my crockpot I like to serve over mashed potatoes.  It sort of defeats the purpose if I get home and still have to wait 45 minutes for potatoes to cook.  Is it possible to cook potatoes in a crockpot to be mashed later?  Has anyone ever tried this?
      Thanks,   Sarah
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