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Re: [slowcooker] Re: chicken soup

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  • Auntie J
    This is great thread. I love reading everyone s ideas. Adding my $.02 to the chicken soup secrets discussion: 1) chicken NECKS. They re in the giblet
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 30, 2010
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      This is great thread. I love reading everyone's ideas. Adding my $.02 to
      the chicken soup secrets discussion:

      1) chicken NECKS. They're in the giblet package inside whole roasters. I
      fish them out and freeze them. (Around American Thanksgiving in late
      November, the grocery stores have turkey necks in a separate package, and I
      buy a few to have on hand.) Then when I'm ready to make soup, I boil up
      three or four of them with a whole roasting chicken (as previously
      suggested) with large chunks of carrot, onion, celery and whole
      peppercorns. Cool, skim fat, strain through colander to capture solids.
      Save meat, carrots, celery in separate container. (I toss the necks,
      bones, onions, and peppercorns.) Refrigerate overnight. Skim fat. In
      the slowcooker: add the meat, cut the carrots and celery into spoon size
      pieces and toss them back in. Add more veggies (whatever you like) and
      spices/seasoning (whatever you have/like) and a couple of bay leaves. I
      like to add some barley (instant or long-cook, depending on how long you
      plan to simmer the soup), usually a half a cup is plenty.

      2) LEMON juice. Brightens up a chicken soup in a flash. Start with a
      teaspoon and add just enough to get a hint of the flavor; you don't want to
      overpower, just enhance.

      On Sun, Aug 29, 2010 at 4:10 PM, Char <biondofamily@...> wrote:

      > I have made lots of chicken soup. I have experimented many times. Many
      > people
      > ask me for my "recipe"....
      > I was surprised to see that Alex's response was right on target. Those are
      > exactly the methods that I use to make yummy chicken soup! The chicken
      > flavoring combined with a variety of spices in equal taste
      > proportions...even
      > the dash of tabasco!
      > Try it. Don't be afraid to add the spices. I add cooked noodles to the
      > individual bowls (I don't like soggy noodles) and delete the potatoes.
      > I also make a chicken vegetable broth whenever I serve roasted chicken for
      > dinner (after dinner throw all the leftover chicken into a pot with water,
      > a
      > couple celery stalks, a whole onion (I don't peel it unless it is dirty),
      > about
      > 10 cloves of unpeeled garlic, and a bay leaf. Cook until dark and
      > condensed.).
      > Strain broth and debone the chicken (put the chicken in a separate
      > container).
      > The next day, skim the fat off of the broth. Freeze the broth. Freeze the
      > chicken. On a day that you want chicken soup, throw the broth, chicken,
      > some
      > fresh cut veges and spices into the crock pot. Add more water and some
      > chicken
      > flavor.
      > Char
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