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October Recipe of the Month Contest winner

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  • Kim Malo
    I always try to guess which one I think will be the winner, and I had it pegged this time, based on discussion on the list about the recipe. But it was a tight
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 1, 2006
      I always try to guess which one I think will be
      the winner, and I had it pegged this time, based
      on discussion on the list about the recipe. But
      it was a tight 1-2 contest all month long, with
      the winner finally breaking away a bit at the end.

      Not a lot of votes this month, but some good
      recipes to add to the winners' site for people to
      find going forward. They're all nice autumn rib
      stickers and the sort of thing you'd love to come
      home after a long day with it already dark (one
      of the things I hate about approaching winter) to
      a kitchen filled with the comforting smell.

      So without any more ado.


      The WINNER:
      - Horseshoe Mountain Beans Ranch (31780), 17 votes, 54.84%

      First Runner Up
      - Slowcooker Pepper Steak (31779), 12 votes, 38.71%

      Second Runner Up
      - Burgumbo a la BarbĀ© (31811), 2 votes, 6.45%

      Congrads!. The recipes will be up on the contest
      winner's site at
      tonight or tomorrow, although you can also check
      them using the above links to the nominating posts.

      Please feel free to post nominating November
      recipes anytime. Any kind of recipe is fine, but
      we're really looking for TNT favorites that if
      someone was just getting introduced to
      slowcooking or hadn't liked anything they'd tried
      yet, you would want to be sure to share with
      them. The sort of thing that will become their new family favorites.

      This might be a good time to start thinking of
      ways to use up the slowcooker for Thanksgiving
      dinner. Things like how you use it for mashed
      potatoes or stuffing or other basic sides might
      seem to you too basic to nominate, but they're
      things that get regularly asked on the list and
      so obviously popular ideas that it would also be
      good to have an easy reference to on the contest winners' site.

      Or maybe you do more complicated sides in the
      slowcooker. Does anyone cook a cranberry sauce in
      it? Do their sweet potato casserole in their
      slowcooker? What about the turkey itself?

      I'll re-post the entire detailed rules soon, but
      basically: You can nominate any kind of recipe
      other than ones that are past winners & runners
      up. Those can be checked on the winner site at

      To nominate, please post or re-post to the
      list, ***specifying in the subject that it's a
      nomination*** so I don't miss it (I don't read
      every word of every post) and ***including the
      recipe in your post***. Also please include the
      source (just something to give credit where
      credit is due whenever possible, even if it's
      very general because say you know it was a former
      neighbor, but not which one), and a quick sales pitch about why you liked it.

      Thanks for participating
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