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October recipe of the month voting is now open

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  • Kim Malo
    Nice batch of rib-sticking but very different from each other recipes nominated this month, to help us get through the autumn chill here in a lot of the US
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 21, 2006
      Nice batch of rib-sticking but very different from each other recipes
      nominated this month, to help us get through the autumn chill here in
      a lot of the US (Sorry, not sure what the weather's like right now
      for our international members).

      OK, so how does this thing work?

      I try to make sure I catch all the nominations, but if I've missed a
      recipe you nominated, please let me know. I can't change the poll
      once it's created, but you'll automatically be the first nomination
      for next month.

      Everyone gets a chance to vote. Ideally you should have tried the
      recipes first, or at least the one you're voting for - that's part of
      the point of this, to get people some certified TNT new recipes for
      their files. But there's no one at the door asking you to swear that
      you have tried them before you get to vote, so go ahead and
      participate if you really like the sounds of something and hopefully
      intend to try it soon, even if you haven't yet tried it. Voting is
      open until 12 midnight EST October 31st.

      Go to the poll I've set up on the yahoogroups site at

      Yahoo will probably ask you for your ID/password before it lets you
      access the poll. This is the ID/password for your Yahoo account,
      **not** your regular email account ID/password (unless they are the
      same). If you've forgotten either your password or ID, Yahoo has
      tools to help you retrieve them at http://tinyurl.com/9wfr (this is a
      condensed URL I've created for the actual Yahoo address to better fit
      in an email. Let me know if you have any problem using it or getting
      your password/ID from Yahoo using the tools at the site).

      Once you've opened the poll, you'll see the nominations in
      alphabetical order. I've listed both the recipe name and the number
      of the post it was nominated in so you can find it in the archives
      (browse or search by post number). Click on the radio button (that's
      what those punch hole sort of things are called) by the recipe name
      you want to vote for and then on the vote button below. That's it.

      You can only vote for one recipe each month. However, you can go back
      into the poll to change your vote until the poll closes at the end of
      the month.

      If you absolutely can't access the group site to vote, such as people
      who are email only members without a yahoo ID, you can send me a
      direct email at this address or using the link on the contest
      winner's site (URL below). I'll include it manually, but PLEASE only
      use that as a last resort.

      What do you win? Other than glory and renown all over the list <g>,
      the top three finishers will be put up in order on the contest winner's site at
      http://malincholia.com/slowcookerwinners.htm where everyone can see
      them and you can point friends, neighbors, and people you meet at
      cocktail parties to them. The site also makes a good place to point
      crockpot newbies looking for really TNT recipes without having to
      guess or search through the archives. There's some really good stuff there.

      Any questions or problems, don't hesitate to let me know. Let the
      voting begin and may the best recipe win.
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