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June recipe of the month contest winner

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  • Kim Malo
    This month we had a couple of the most discussed on the list recipes in a long while, so I was curious to see how the contest would turn out. Especially as the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2006
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      This month we had a couple of the most discussed on the list recipes
      in a long while, so I was curious to see how the contest would turn
      out. Especially as the competition other then those two wasn't
      exactly chopped liver (NOT something I could see doing in a
      slowcooker, anyway <g>) One of the two - and I couldn't have guessed
      which, although I did assume it would be one of these two- got out to
      a huge early lead. But the other one was closing in as time went on
      and I wonder if it would have overtaken if the contest had gone on.
      Anyway, this was a great contest with all of the entries exactly the
      sorts of things I hope to draw nominations for - great but easy
      recipes that you could use everyday and that you would be sure to
      give someone new to slowcooking, secure in the knowledge that they'd
      get off to a good start.

      So, without more ado, the results for this month are....


      The WINNER:
      - Cranberry pork roast (30339), 28 votes, 40.58%

      First Runner Up
      - Carmelized onions (30476), 19 votes, 27.54%

      Second Runner Up
      - Blackberry cobbler (30444), 14 votes, 20.29%

      There you go with a meal - a main dish, the basis of a yummy side
      dish or appetizer, and dessert <g>

      Congrads to all. The recipes will also be up on the contest winner's
      site tonight or tomorrow, although you can also check them using the
      above links to the nominating posts. There were a few people who
      tweaked the Cranberry roast recipe, such as using chicken or
      something other than cranberry. I think I saved, them but if you did
      a tweak worth sharing that I might not have, please post it to the
      list and/or send it to me directly, so I can note it when I put the
      recipe up on the site. Same with any of these (for example, I think
      someone made the blueberry cobbler with another fruit)

      Please feel free to post nominating July recipes anytime. Any kind of
      recipe is fine, but again, rather than the fancy to impress sort,
      we're really looking for TNT favorites that if someone was just
      getting introduced to slowcooking or hadn't liked anything they'd
      tried yet, you would want to be sure to share with them. Might be a
      good time of year to think in terms of nominating things you would
      bring to a 4th of July party or a BBQ or other type of picnic. Or
      even a wedding reception if it was self-catered. Or just a great way
      to use the slowcooker to get a satisfying dinner done without heating
      up the kitchen or the cook any more than necessary.

      I'll re-post the entire detailed rules soon, but basically: You can
      nominate any kind of recipe other than ones that are past winners &
      runners up. Those can be checked on the winner site at

      To nominate, please post or re-post the recipe itself to the
      list, specifying in the subject that it's a nomination so I don't
      miss it. I don't read every word of every post. Also please include
      the source (just something to give credit where credit is due
      whenever possible), and a quick sales pitch about why you liked it.

      Thanks for participating
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