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Re: [slowcooker] confused!! help! (LONG)

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  • Myron Menaker
    Dear Barbara, There s a very good discussion of food safety vs. crockpot temperatures here: http://tinyurl.com/hqr6x I d say if your pots are way outside the
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      Dear Barbara,

      There's a very good discussion of food safety vs. crockpot temperatures


      I'd say if your pots are way outside the norms of 198 for low and 300
      for high....to "Beware!" If it's a fairly new pot, get your money back!

      If you keep a hot one.....you'll just have to adjust your times and keep
      checking until you get the hang of it!
      Linda Larsen is an expert on food safety....I'm hoping that she will
      give us her 2¢ on this....Linda?

      Good luck!


      Barbara Allen wrote:

      >Myron, I would like your opinion regarding temperatures of my two crockpots.
      >One is
      >a very old Hamilton Beach Crock Watcher I have had at least 20 years and it
      >today just like it always did. Because it never has seemed to get nearly as
      >hot as 200 on low and 300 on high, I bought one of the Polder thermometer's
      >that has the probe and a wire leading to the thermometer so that you can put
      >the probe in the pot, put the lid on with only a tad of leakage and look at
      >the readings outside the pot. To test it, I set the pot on LOW, filled the
      >pot with water, placed the prong in and put the lid on and did not take it
      >Set on LOW: water temperature at start was 61 degrees, after 10 hours it
      >was 180.
      >and another day - (same pot)
      >Set on HIGH - water temp started at 73 degrees, after 6 hours it was 205 and
      >still 205 two hours later.
      >Now, this looks like I oughta be dead by now. But I have never been sick
      >from a thing I have cooked in it and it has been one of my most used
      >appliances. I do sorta think that the leak around the lid had a little
      >effect, because on HIGH my soups slow-simmer, and that indicates it gets
      >up to slightly above the boiling point.
      >CROCKPOT #2:
      >I also have another Hamilton Beach I bought two years ago that does a pretty
      >powerful boil on LOW and really rocks on HIGH. When I did the two tests on
      >it I found that:
      >On LOW: Started at 75 degrees, it was up to 180 in 2 hours 45 minutes and
      >at max reached 214 degrees after eight hours!
      >On HIGH: Started at 82 degrees and it maxed at 212 eight hours later.
      >(Which was 2 degrees less than the Low setting!!!)
      >Like I said - my old one has served me well and the new one cooks much
      >faster. But my temperatures are so different from your rule of thumb that I
      >was surprised. Particularly when the newer one on High reached maximum at
      >212 and was still at 212 five hours later!
      >This makes me think that there is so much difference in all these crockpots
      >that we just have to learn to use what we have by trial and error. There
      >seems to be no consistency in them.
      >I do feel like now that I have taken their temperature I can adjust my
      >cooking accordingly.
      >Barbara Allen
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      >OK, Jessi...
      > Rule of thumb:
      > Low is 198ºF
      > High is 300ºF
      >In other words, if it boils on low, it's too hot!
      >Ribs could be done in 7-8 hours on low....test them!
      > Myron

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