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Turkey breast slow cooker antics

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  • chaaga@aol.com
    I was determined to slow cook a turkey breast. I saw they were on sale. Couldn t find one in the meat dept. Butcher couldn t either. As I was heading to
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31 6:31 PM
      I was determined to slow cook a turkey breast. I saw they were on sale.
      Couldn't find one in the meat dept. Butcher couldn't either. As I was heading
      to check out the rest of my groceries, he came up w/ a whole dolly of them
      looking for me. So nice! I asked the price, but they hadn't been marked yet. I
      followed him back and he fiddled w/ catalogs and computers for a bit, then
      came out and said he'd give it to me for the sale price b/c he couldn't find that
      brand in his system. The turkey breast he gave me (frozen) was 8.5 pounds
      (huge)! I didn't have the heart to say no after he went so far out of his way
      and gave me such a good price. Sigh.

      So, I let it thaw overnight in the fridge, and the next morning began
      preparing it for my 5 qt. Rival crockpot. Hah! I guessed wrong by trying it in the
      pot in its package & not putting the lid on. I prepped it w/ olive oil, salt,
      and pepper, plus garlic slivers under the skin. Then I tried to fit it into
      the pot. Argh! It was too big. Well, it fit by smashing one end, but the
      lid wouldn't stay down. So I was reduced to using a large knife and much muscle
      power too early in the morning to cut about the bottom third of this turkey
      breast off to fit it into the pot, lol. It was quite a challenge!

      But it worked great. I squeezed a whole lemon over it and stuck the lemon
      leftovers under the bird. I cooked it about 11 hours total, w/ an hour or so
      early on of High and the rest Low. I turned the whole bird over part way
      through to cook more evenly. The result was a very tender, delicious, flavorful
      bunch of turkey. We had some hot for dinner, then tonight we had some cold on
      Caesar salad. I've still got plenty left to make Cyndi's layered enchiladas in
      the crockpot tomorrow night. Plus, I simmered the third I cut off and have
      that in the fridge plus lots of turkey broth from both cookings that I hope to
      make turkey lentil soup with soon.

      Moral of this story = make sure you don't buy a bird too big for your pot,
      but if you do, just cut some off and cook it another way. Turkey breast was
      (after the cutting) easy & delicious in the slow cooker!

      Candice in Maryland

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