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Re: [slowcooker] Crockpot for Freezer Food

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  • Miriam
    can t answer all but :-) ... From: First Last Sent: Monday, February 02, 2004 4:23 PM ... crockpot? to me ... avoid set temps
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 2, 2004
      can't answer all
      but :-)

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      From: "First Last" <mykemo@...>
      Sent: Monday, February 02, 2004 4:23 PM

      | 1) What are some things I should look for on a new

      to me
      >>>>>>high low warm settings
      avoid "set temps"
      1-everyone's different
      (environment etc...)
      2-recipes don't call for set temps

      | I have read where some only heat on the bottom and depend
      on radiant heat
      | for the sides. Do some units come with heating elements
      on the sides?

      crockpots (Rival's trademark)
      and slow cookers have the "around heat"
      as opposed to base only

      if it doesn't say crockpot or slow cooker
      you don't want it

      | 2) What are some things to avoid in a crockpot?

      too many "gadgets"

      crockpot/slow cookers are simple

      | 4) Are there some brands that are consistently good in a

      | 5) What about the new digital "Programmable" crockpot

      dunno but why?
      what need?

      | 6) Are there some concerns to be aware of with a larger
      crockpot versus a
      | smaller unit, such as cool spots?

      as long as it's half to 3/4th's full
      and plenty of liquid
      think of it steaming itself

      | 10) What about the Rival "Smart Part?" "The Smart-Part
      module enables crock
      | pots to have programmable functionality..." "Compatible
      with any brand slow
      | cooker." What experiences have you had or heard about
      with this? It is an
      | electronic unit that plugs into the wall. Then you plug
      you crockpot into
      | this unit. It looks like uses its built-in brains to
      control the
      | electricity to you slow cooker automatically adjusting
      from high to warm
      | after your pre-set cooking time is up.

      i have one
      you can *only* set it for
      4 settings
      low 8 or 10 hours (most recipes)
      high 3 or 4 hours
      then it automaticaly goes to "warm"

      If I need it longer
      I turn it off and on again
      if shorter -just turn it off

      I like the option of leaving it longer ;-)
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